2017 has been a year of expansion for brand loyalty programs, evolving from solely rewarding for spend to rewarding for engagement in the channels that consumers spend all of their time – Social and messaging channels.

To give you a sense of the scale, brands using Chirpify gave away over 100 Million loyalty points for engagement… in November alone. This year the Chirpify platform has rewarded Billions of points to millions of happy loyal consumers for engagement, and that doesn’t even count the many other use cases such as contests, samples, reminders, sweeps, trivia, reveals, and other marketing outcomes we’ve driven for brands in 2017.


Even more impressive than the stats around engagement, are the results of these efforts. In 2017 Chirpify customers performed independent ROI studies to understand if it is worth it to give away rewards for engagement. What they found was staggering. Consumers that connected through the Chirpify platform had the following data points vs non-connected members.


Have a higher NPS score (79% vs 73%)

Have a higher trust in the brand (65% vs 60%)

Spend more with the brand (35% vs 22%)

Mark the brand as #1 in preference vs competitors (62% vs 57%)


Spend 75% more with the hotel

2X more bookings in the same time period

They found these consumers spend more, and are more loyal because they engage more with the brand, have more touch points with the brand, and participate more frequently in brand campaigns.

2017 also brought quite an expansion of the Chirpify platform, providing new features such as a full CRM and dashboard, Chatbot capabilities, integrated registration, and mobile app integrations.

We’re looking forward to more expansion, and blowing these stats away in 2018. We want to thank all of our customers for the great working relationships. It’s great to partner with Brands that understand that by connecting their social, digital marketing, and loyalty teams, they’ll modernize their loyalty programs, make their digital marketing campaigns perform better, and enable the social team to finally claim their efforts directly affect the bottom line.