Avocados from Mexico absolutely crushes the brand bowl every year. For the last 4 years we’re proud to be one of the reasons why. Their innovative approach to digital has been well documented, and last year Avos was #1 in generating the most social exposure and buzz, driving 2.5 Billion impressions, and beating out both Pepsi and Doritos. Last year wasn’t going to be easy to beat.

This year Chirpify was one part of their larger campaign to support a Super Bowl commercial, Avo’s creative use of Blockchain, rewards via Vatoms, as well as auctioning off merch via their mini-site. Once again, Avocados From Mexico used Chirpify for social media marketing automation, to listen, respond, and reward people talking about their campaign.

Avos also used our platform to enable people to subscribe to direct messages!

As you can see from their above post, all a person has to do is reply with “remind me” and they’ll be subscribed to direct message campaigns, where AFM can send content, reminders, and different copy based on campaigns and user profile data.

The Results

Screenshot from Chirpify Analytics Dashboard

Using our social media marketing automation platform to instantly respond to people interacting with the campaign, Avos was able to generate 3.2 Billion impressions from over 205,000 posts!

According to Salesforce Avocados from Mexico was number 2 in mentions right behind Donald Trump with over 69,000 mentions, with 94.3% of them positive.

According to Alvaro Luque, President & CEO at Avocados From Mexico, Avos is the “only brand to stay at the top-two level for five years in a row.”

We’re extremely grateful to work with brands who don’t ignore their best fans, and embrace new forms of marketing automation on social media.