In our last blog post, we discussed how ongoing social media efforts are driving loyalty and lifetime customer value. Picking up that thread, today we’ll share three concrete ways brands & agencies can help facilitate Social Loyalty. 


Your social media followers and fans are likely to include happy, loyal customers. If you have not already done so, do the work to identify and group these consumers. You can do so by socializing an existing email list of these customers, encouraging them to take a specific social action which will help you connect the dots between their information in your CRM and their social handle.


Determine a social currency, or value around the actions a consumer takes, specifically on social, that mention your brand. Whether they are talking directly to you, to their audience or recommending something to a friend, already be prepared to surprise and delight someone for their action.

For Example

A sporting goods store has information on consumer “Jen” who has opted in her social ID and email, and has frequently purchased dresses. When Jen visits a storefront down the line, she checks in. The brand is able to listen for that check-in action and piece it together with her consumer data that has been stored. New tools can allow the system to recognize that it was Jen who checked in and automatically send her a personalized (mobile) email, thanking her for visiting the shop and rewarding her with 10% off the spring collection.



Create a virtuous cycle!  Using the information you gain at a macro and micro level, continue to fine-tune your reward offerings in ways that continue to surprise and delight customers. With the ability to gain deeper access to what consumers say and do, social has the opportunity to be a key data input to new loyalty strategies which can drive ongoing personalization—which itself has been proven to increase lifetime customer value.

Social Media Reward & Loyalty Ideas

  • Discounts and Coupons (send directly to consumer via email to reward social action)
  • Geo location rewards (visiting store front, event venue)
  • VIP Access (Exclusive access to content, events, access to new products before general public, etc.) 
  • Early Access entries into sweepstakes (redeem points for a chance to win a bigger prize which can be as small as a monthly $100 prize or something larger)
  • Experiential rewards (Meet and greets, backstage passes to events, upgraded seats)

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