5 Ways to Socially Activate Traditional Marketing


For the past few years, brands have been investing heavily in social content and listening, and have learned a lot about how to access and engage their audience.  That audience has evolved, though, as consumers have come to expect and rely on social media as a direct channel to the brands they care about. Through direct customer dialogue, social media becomes an always-on platform for direct marketing & commerce, on the consumer’s terms.

Connected consumers have always-on, instant access to brands through their smart devices and now it’s time for the brands to leverage this power. So far, hashtags are the strongest and most effective tool to track conversation reach potential consumers by interests. Now by using activated hashtags (#actiontags), brands can put a call-to-action anywhere and consumers can respond instantly from their devices.

Here are five ways this works:

1. At Events


Sell an album to a crowd during a concert. Fans who are already holding up their phone to take a picture can instantly purchase on social with a few clicks. There is no better potential consumer than one that just had an awesome experience and is still hyped up on adrenaline.

2. Live on TV


Offer TV viewers a chance to win tickets to the next game right after the final buzzer. Capturing real-time opportunities is a dynamic way to get users to opt into sweepstakes.

3. Email Marketing


Offer a consumer email list a free sample product by showing intent on social media. This way private brand messaging and offers get amplified in a public space.

4. On Billboards


Offer a test drive from a billboard to allow consumers to schedule a time on social directly with the brand. This drives an action from a message and makes it easy for a consumer to continue the dialogue.

5. Print or Banner Ad Placements


Use hashtags in a print or banner ad to get promo code or special offer and allow users to respond in social rather than developing a landing page.

All these things are possible today for brands that take advantage of the direct customer dialogue opportunity through their existing social channels.  And brands who are the first to leverage these strategies are gaining unique insight into how they can turn social communication into social conversion.

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