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It has been reported countless times, and observed by any marketer in charge of social – Organic reach is dead. Most all social platforms have limited reach, forcing marketers to spend money on paid media. Aside from the random viral moment, it’s impossible for brands to reach a great deal of the audience they spent valuable time and money building.

This hasn’t stopped brands from trying. But the truth is, even if social platforms didn’t limit reach, it wouldn’t matter. Consumers simply don’t have a good reason to engage with your brand on social.

So, with limited reach, and the inability to supply a reason for consumers to engage with your content, what is a brand to do?

It’s obvious to us… give them a reason!

By creating a currency exchange between social media and rewards, brands create a mutually beneficial relationship whereby consumers are given a reason to engage with their content.

By enabling consumers to use social media as a frictionless remote control for marketing conversion and rewards brands can drive member acquisition, engagement, spend, and customer lifetime value.

Consumers also benefit because… rewards!

Chirpify customer Taylormade uses Chirpify to give consumers a reason to engage with their content. Posts that are Chirpify activated perform 4x better than without.

In fact, a recent Chirpify enabled Tweet was their most engaged organic tweet ever.

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