Many brands leverage major live events as in-the-moment marketing opportunities to create earned media and consumer engagement within new markets. There was no shortage of this during this years NCAA Tournament as brands launched both planned and on-the-spot branded content throughout the games.

adidas strategically used Chirpify to run a High School football bracket hosted all on social media.  They took the opportunity to run a social campaign directed towards their identified targets with a fun and in-the-moment effort reflecting the bracket style of the NCAA Tournament.


How It Works

Fans took to Twitter & Facebook to first nominate any any high school to earn a spot in the adizero16. Similar to the NCAA bracket, users would vote for which team they wanted to move on by using the actiontags #vote & #adizero16 on social. The winning school would get their entire team decked-out in the latest adizero cleats.

“What we know is that if we provide them something they’re interested in, they’ll become PR machines in their local areas,” said Jeremy Darlow, Adidas’ senior brand and digital marketing manager. “By giving them the nugget that they want — every kid wants their team to have their best gear — it expands from there. They spread the word to the degree that we can never do.”


Because of the niche nature of this campaign- which solely targeted high school football players- adidas had a specific way of measuring success. Typically, brands want extended reach and more followers but this campaign’s success was measured differently. How targeted the engagement (and data collection) was and being able to put a product, not in front of many people- but the right people, was seen as a huge campaign win.

Initial Wins:

  • More than 2,300 total tweets using #nominate #adizero16

  • 822 completed nominations

  • 435 different high schools nominated

Although the campaign was timely around the NCAA Tournament, adidas was able to create their own reason to be in the space and engage the direct consumers they want to be informed about their newest product. They were able to create brand advocates of students who told their school to vote while also capturing the social and location data for each participant.

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