Announcing Chirpify Language Translation – In action at the Copa America Tournament with Univision and Walmart


Copa America is the oldest international continental football competition. And, for the first time, fans can vote on social media for their teams with Chirpify. This year’s competition features 16 teams representing countries with languages including Spanish, English, Portuguese and French, yet fans can participate in their native tongue. Let’s talk through how we can make that happen and then I’ll share how Univision and Walmart are using language translation to create deeper customer relationships in social media.

How Does It Work?

Chirpify now enables brands to respond to consumers in their native language, regardless of what it may be – from Spanish to Chinese, Arabic to French. Chirpify, as always, listens in the background for social triggers that when activated, prompts an automated, rules-based response. Chirpify is able to identify the language in which the person communicated and automatically replies to them with a pre-scripted, randomized, or smart response, in that language. This allows brands to reply, reward, and convert at scale all in the user’s native language.

Univision Engages Multi-Language Audience

As a multi-language brand, Univision interacts regularly with social consumers in both English and Spanish. It’s no stretch then to understand their need to respond at scale in both Spanish and English to social consumers during a large, exciting event like the Copa America tournament.

If you’re attending a soccer match at any one of the participating stadiums (Chirpify GEO-Fencing in action) and use #CopaAmerica #Copa100 or #CopaCentenario, you’ll receive an automated response from Univision in your native language to check out Walmart’s freshest recipes. Language analysis alerts the Chirpify engine to the language used – in this case, English or Spanish — and Chirpify automatically responds in the matching language.

Walmart Brings Fresh Approach to Social Media

In addition to the Univision reply regarding Walmart’s new fresh selections, Walmart is also using Chirpify for per country voting in consumers’ native language during the Copa America tournament. Running the duration of the event, the Chirpify-powered program features 16 individual live campaigns – one for each country with a team participating in the competition.

Voters will receive an automated response in English or Spanish depending on their native language. They are permitted to vote once per day, per game and will receive a recipe from Walmart that corresponds with the country that received their vote. For example, a Brazilian fan might vote #Bra #Sorteo and receive an automated response from Walmart with a Brazilian feijoada recipe. The more fans vote or participate with the microsite, the greater their eligibility to win a Univision prize package.

Social media is increasingly a cornerstone for organizations looking to engage more deeply with consumers, regardless of the language they speak. With Chirpify language translation, marketers are able to universally tap into their customers’ interests, and communicate with rewards and responses, as Walmart has for this cross-hemisphere competition.

If you would like to learn more about reaching a multilingual audience to drive greater loyalty, gain important data, and increase sales, reach out to us today.