Announcing Chirpify Moderation – Brands Can Now Moderate Social Rewards



We are excited to announce Chirpify Moderation, the newest feature to our conversational conversion and social loyalty platform. Along with Chirpify Automation, enabling brands to engage and reward consumers at scale, Moderation provides the flexibility to selectively reward consumers based on both user and post specific criteria. Chirpify Moderation helps brands proactively address the biggest challenges today in building loyalty: the ability to reach consumers where they spend their time, personalize communication to them and make them feel special.

Indeed, while the average consumer has 29 loyalty cards, they are truly loyal to less than half that. A driving factor behind this figure is that consumers want to be rewarded for more than ‘spend and get’. When asked, 84% of consumers, as reported by Loyalty360, said they would spend more with companies that offer points for activities other than spending.

How It Works

Chirpify Moderation allows brands to selectively reward customers for their social activities which builds a deeper relationship, drives engagement and ultimately increases customer spending. This new feature works with the greater Chirpify platform to achieve this for brands. First, Chirpify automatically reviews and filters social media posts using pre-defined criteria that would qualify, or disqualify, someone for a reward.

Then, with Chirpify Moderation, brands can moderate any social trigger or conversation, such as hashtags, photos, topics, sharing and more, filtering the resultant queue against a number of parameters, such as quality of user generated content, number of followers greater or less than a specified amount, post language, default profile picture and more. Brands can apply bulk or individual approvals or rejections to the filtered queue.

Chirpify Moderation allows brands to increase social efficiency and effectiveness by uniting automated listening for triggers while giving moderators the ability to manually review posts and user content for fit before determining their qualification for a reward. This helps brands better personalize the reward based on the user while making sure that the reward is one that the customer appreciates and/or makes them feel special.

Chirpify Moderation also:

  • Provides a quick link to an individual user’s profile.
  • Allows brands to filter queues for default profile pictures, number of followers greater or less than a specified amount, language, and more.
  • Allows bulk approval and rejection of post(s).
  • Connects to automation to send responses and rewards based on approvals.

Additionally, Chirpify now supports custom logins, which means brands can now set feature-based user access, with different logins for different Chirpify feature sets – Chirpify Moderation, Reply Rewards, Analytics, or any combination of the three — thus allowing brands to segment system access and control to various social management teams.

Moderation joins a family of features that together address the entire social loyalty spectrum with the ability to listen, apply rules from its rules engine, and reply with moderation or automation in the user’s tongue of choice. Chirpify users are able to convert and reward, and capture important data and analytics to create a virtuous cycle of social loyalty.

If you’d like an independent assessment of ways your organization can map moderation and social loyalty to your business goals, please contact us today.