Many loyalty programs embrace the value of a Surprise & Delight strategy to effectively capture customer attention, deepen the relationship outside of a transaction, and in turn drive repeat purchases and greater lifetime value. Now bringing the customer value and business benefits of Surprise & Delight to social media is Chirpify Reply Rewards. With Chirpify Reply Rewards, brands can proactively engage with customers online and surprise them with rewards for their activities instantly over social media. Full press release here.

Surprise & Delight strategies seek to deepen the emotional link between consumers and the brand, in turn driving positive word of mouth. Chirpify Reply Rewards amplifies these goals as the very nature of social media encourages and easily provides social advocacy and implied social proof as customers’ social networks have a very visible view into Surprise & Delight activities.

“Through travel, Marriott Rewards members pursue their passions sharing their experiences via social media along the way. With Chirpify’s Reply Rewards platform we’re able to surprise and delight our members at scale, while personally recognizing and interacting with them in real-time. This furthers our belief that loyalty is a two-way street. Plus, the platform gives members another easy way to earn Marriott Rewards points, keeping them engaged with the program in between stays.”

Amanda Moore, Senior Director, Social and Digital Marketing Loyalty at Marriott International

How Does It Work?

Chirpify Reply Rewards listens on social networks for defined topics of interest to the brand and/or brand sentiment, giving marketers the opportunity to proactively interact with people with moderated messages designed to Surprise & Delight. Chirpify allows brand moderators to look up an individual’s history with the brand, helping them craft an appropriate, tailored message. Chirpify also offers integration with brand CRM or loyalty member database solutions to give moderators even greater depth of information.

With this data in hand, moderators can deliver a different reward to different people, whether it’s points or engagement rewards, based on the individual’s member criteria. With Chirpify, brands can also Surprise & Delight people who aren’t existing loyalty program members. The reward is simply saved for them until they join the program and claim their reward.

Marriott Surprise & Delight

As part of the Chirpify Platform, Reply Rewards joins a host of features for deepening customer relationships in social media, providing brands like Marriott with a holistic solution for social loyalty. Given that, let’s look at how Marriott is using Reply Rewards.

Marriott Rewards, the brand’s eponymously named loyalty membership program, sits atop US News & World Report’s Best Travel Rewards list. And it’s no wonder as Marriott embraces Surprise & Delight in ensuring its members feel rewarded for their loyalty. Marriott recently launched a new campaign to Surprise & Delight its program members to celebrate their anniversary in the Marriott Rewards program. As you can see below, it used Chirpify Reply Rewards to proactively reach out to members and reward them with much coveted Marriott points.

By coupling a Surprise & Delight strategy with the Chirpify automation platform, Marriott is able to proactively reward its Marriott Rewards members, deepening its relationship with its customers while obtaining positive social word of mouth and implied social proof.

Like other elements of a loyalty program, Surprise & Delight should span channels and be sure to embrace where a brand’s customers spend their time. Now with Chirpify Reply Rewards, brands can proactively Surprise & Delight their social customers, deepening relationships, growing spend and gathering important data — all in their customers’ channel of choice. Can we help you Surprise & Delight your social consumers? We think so and we’d be happy to share why; just drop us a line today.