Emojis have become a ubiquitous way for people to express their feelings. With more than 110 billion emojis tweeted since 2014, it makes sense for brands to pay attention. Even more important than listening, brands need to have some way to engage consumers at scale, reward, and convert them.

Now you can set up emoji triggers inside the Chirpify platform. Here’s how this works…

Like other Chirpify triggers such as geolocation posts, photo uploads, hashtags, links, shares and more, emoji triggers will aggregate posts by consumers based on which emoji you’d like to track. When our platform identifies a post containing the tracked emoji, Chirpify can automate a response and a reward to that consumer from your brand’s handle. These responses are smart – They can be randomized, or varied depending on campaign or user criteria. They can also be combined with other logic from our rules engine. For example, a user who posts and emoji from a certain geo-location can receive a different response than someone who is not at that location.

Marriott’s campaign to surprise and delight consumers at SXSW was a great example of combining triggers. They combined a topic and a geolocation filter, aggregating posts from people that were at SXSW and were interested in music. They then automated a free concert ticket along with different messages to consumers, engaging with them at the exact right moment with a positive surprise.

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