We’re pleased to announce integrated registration, enabling brands to embed engagement loyalty opt-in directly into their owned properties on web and mobile. With integrated registration, consumer opt-in is as easy as logging in with their favorite social media platform. For brands, installing registration is as simple as adding a link to your website or mobile app.

Clients that are using integrated registration are seeing conversion rates over 80%. Wut?!

Here’s how they’re doing it…

Kimpton Hotels

Kimpton enables their Karma members to opt-in to their engagement loyalty program by adding our links to simple social login buttons on their Karma portal. All a Karma member needs to do is log in with one of these social accounts and our platform instantly links social identity to their existing customer record. Once connected, that member has a social media remote control to participate in brand campaigns and earn Karma for their advocacy. Brands are able to pass any data they would like through our embeddable links. Or, they can use our registration form builder to collect additional data, as well as incentivize them right in the flow for different actions such as connecting multiple accounts or following the brand across social channels.

Silver Diner

Silver Diner has integrated their engagement loyalty registration into their mobile app, making it super slick and easy for their members to connect social and start earning. The app passes all the relevant consumer data to our platform, and in return we connect social identity to a Silver Diner member record. The consumer is able to start earning instantly for their social media engagement.

Silver Diner has developed award-winning fresh and local menus to address today’s lifestyles. To stay relevant and participating in our customers’ lifestyle, we know we need to engage our diners between meals on social media. With Chirpify, Silver Diner gains new customers and valuable customer data, and diners accrue rewards for dollars off their next visit. This virtuous cycle of rewards, earned media, new customer acquisition, and customer-driven data underscores our philosophy of “Eat Well, Do Well”.

Joe Howell, Senior Marketing Manager, Silver Diner


All of the data collected during registration, as well as ongoing campaign participation and engagement history, is presented inside a brand’s Chirpify CRM dashboard. The CRM allows brands to see their member’s social, engagement, and earning history, as well as first party data that is located in existing client CRM systems. For example, brands can see member tier, anniversary, and other data points alongside their social engagement and campaign participation. The dashboard also shows non-member data for member acquisition. Read more about our Social Loyalty CRM.

While the process of linking social accounts to a rewards program has always been easy with Chirpify, it’s become even easier, allowing customers to immediately begin earning loyalty program rewards for their social and chat engagement directly from brand’s owned properties. Contact us today to get a demo.