Automation – The Dirty Word in Social Media Marketing


How to automate content to your followers

Most forward leaning brands have social teams using social listening software to aggregate, filter, sort, and manually respond to conversations. These platforms have become essential for brands to know what their customers are saying about their brand at scale. This is a good start, but brand marketers should be doing more to drive engagement and business outcomes.

To drive more engagement social marketers should be sending content back to people who set off certain social media actions. Lets call these triggers. The triggers could be people posting about a certain person, hashtag, photo or topic. The content could be a behind the scenes video, points, promo codes, contest entries, concert tickets, seat upgrades, free samples, or simple reminders. You get the idea, any digitally deliverable thing can be sent right back to people.

To do this, marketers need social marketing automation software. The ability to listen for certain triggers, and automate responses to people who set them off. I know… AUTOMATION?!?! That’s a scary word! Before you scream that, think about how email evolved. Are you still writing back individually to people? Social marketing automation software has evolved to the point email has – the ability to segment users, and send the right content, at the right moment, back to the right person, all in real-time based on complex rules such as influence score, frequency, language translation, and geo-fencing.

At Chirpify, our customers use our Engagement Engine to listen for triggers and topics and automate content back to their followers. The result is 1 to 1 organic engagement at scale, billions of impressions, and happier followers that spend more with the brand. We’ve got the ROI studies to prove it. If you’re still concerned about automation, we also give you the ability to moderate before you automate.

When you’re ready to evolve your social marketing strategy, we’re ready to help. Just tweet #chirpify to get our deck and schedule a chat, or contact us here.