Avocados From Mexico has been at the forefront of digital innovation for years, whether it is using blockchain technology, or marketing automation on social media, AFM strategy is widely recognized.

As a Chirpify customer for years, AFM has leveraged our platform to make their campaigns perform better. And by better, we mean billions of impressions, increased purchase intent, and brand bowl domination better. We wanted to share some of the numbers behind the experiences that some of the best marketing minds in the business have deployed.

Here are the top line metrics for 2020

153,068 Accounts Engaged
460,974 UGC Posts
739,000,000 Unique Reach
6,200,000,000 (6.2 Billion) Impressions

Here is the ROI for 2020

ROI is based on the average CPM, CPF, and CPE across social platforms

+$40,052,000 – IMPRESSIONS VALUE
+$1,202,121 – FOLLOWERS