On the heels of its incredibly impactful Super Bowl campaign in which Avocados from Mexico scored more than 3 Billion impressions, the collective has teamed up once again with Chirpify to activate social media as a mechanism for converting consumers. The group’s SXSW campaign runs under the banner #AvoHappiness, and joins its Avo-matic rolling restaurant in the SXSW SouthBites Trailer Park.

If sampling terrific culinary treats at the event isn’t enough to evoke a smile, the group is giving away a year’s worth of concerts that most certainly will. People can enter to win the grand prize by sharing their #AvoHappiness emoji, or for those at SXSW, they can share their #AvoHappiness as measured and captured in a photo by the Avo-matic.

As fans share their #AvoHappiness, Chirpify listens in the background, rules from its rules engine are applied, and those happy fans are sent an automatic response. In this case, people who tweeted with the #AvoHappiness hashtag were entered into the contest and thanked with a recipe, as you can see here.

Encouraged to share on Pinterest and Facebook in addition to Twitter, fans are helping spread positive word of mouth about Avocados from Mexico while creating significant earned media for the brand. After Avocados from Mexico’s inaugural appearance at SXSW last year, in which it monopolized conversation with the most popular, Chirpify-powered hashtag, #GuacNRoll, the group is back encouraging organic reach and sharing through its social media-centric campaign. Indeed, holistic programs like this designed to further the customer journey, also serve to increase new customer acquisition and existing customer loyalty and product spend. In addition, Avocados from Mexico gathers important aggregate data about those customers most likely to participate with its campaigns across channels, fueling further future success.

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