We love our API partners. They’re sharp and creative, which is exactly what we look for in our partners. Tweet-a-Beer exploded overnight at SxSw and now one of our newest API partners, Beeminder, is all the buzz.

We sat down with Beeminder (who happens to work in the office space above us) and chat a little bit about their service and integration with Chirpify.


Q: What is Beeminder?

A: Beeminder is a tool that helps align actions and intention to improve life for individuals
and groups. Essentially, someone sets a goal, tracks the progress of their goals and achievements.Most goal-tracking software uses positive reinforcement, but Beeminder has taken a different approach. Beeminder uses Negative Punishment (or omission training) to motivate people.When you set a goal, you have the option to create a challenge with monetary value. If you fail you goal, you pay up. It literally puts the money where your mouth is.

Q: What were the goals in implementing Chirpify’s API?

A: Simply put, make payments, goal-centric focus inherently social. By adding the potential for public shame and public payment, we see it as another motivation tool.

Q: What are the specifics of your API integration?

A: We added it as another payment option, much like a credit card. If you fail your goal/contract, Beeminder emails you to notify you of such failure. Then our API calls Chirpify to process the payment. A tweet is automatically generated from your account, and the payment is sent.

Q: Where can we learn more about Beeminder?

A: Our website. You can read about our Chirpify integration on our latest blog too!