Avocados From Mexico piggybacked on its successful 2016 Super Bowl performance by combining the power of its ad that aired during the first commercial break with an integrated social media campaign. For weeks prior to the Game, the organization teased the forthcoming 30-second spot with the social trigger #AvoSecrets and a preview video with actor and comedian, Jon Lovitz. Illustrating the strength of this strategy, conceived and executed by Richards/Lerma, Avocados from Mexico had scored over 2 billion social media impressions before the big game even kicked off! Their impression total is now over 3 billion and counting.

According to Kevin Hamilton, director of brand marketing for Avocados From Mexico in an interview with AdWeek, “This campaign will be ‘one of the biggest and certainly one of the more integrated runs that we’ve had.’” That integration will pivot around Chirpify’s engagement loyalty platform as “Chirpify is critical to drive the user journey,” says Ivonne Kinser, director digital strategy & innovation with the group.

Chirpify’s Engagement Engine

All responses to people who tweet with #AvoSecrets are automatically processed and delivered, with Chirpify allowing the brand to respond immediately – and at scale. This scale was on full display when the brand launched its campaign just before half-time, tweeting out a recipe for its Big Game Party Dish as part of its sweepstakes. The result was a spike of more than 10,000 mentions in just 15 minutes.

People who tweet (or retweet) the Avocados From Mexico trigger #AvoSecrets receive an automated, randomized reply that includes a link that takes them to a micro-site where they can share tweet intents for a chance to win weekly prizes such as a smart home assistant, or a trip to Paris, France.

Chirpify listens in the background and as people activate the #AvoSecrets trigger, Chirpify applies rules from its rules engine and automatically responds. As you can see here, the communication from Avocados From Mexico contains a URL for the campaign micro-site where there is lots to explore — including recipes, the ability to join Avocados From Mexico’s VIP club, and much more.

The overarching goal of the integrated program is to drive the user journey, creating a loyal following while effectively delivering the message that avocados have good fats that can help health-conscious people.

By teasing and activating their Super Bowl ad campaign in this way, Avocados From Mexico is able to tap into consumers’ growing desire for a better experience where they measure brands by how much utility they provide. The Avocados From Mexico customer journey showcases the fun side of the brand while encouraging engagement by giving consumers a reason to interact with the brand. Social consumers have a mobile remote control in their pocket that they want to use to engage and transact with a brand by simply setting off triggers like the #AvoSecrets hashtag. Avocados From Mexico smartly uses this omni-channel remote control to their advantage with this integrated campaign that converts marketing instantly. And, in the process, as Entrepreneur magazine says, “The Avocados From Mexico campaign is writing the textbook on how social media can leverage traditional advertising.”

Chirpify also activated the 2016 AvosInSpace Super Bowl commercial that featured the hashtag #AvosInSpace. It subsequently rose to become the most interacted with Super Bowl ad hashtag, achieving over 993M impressions and in the first three days of the campaign alone, over 33,000 mentions – 50% more than the second-place hashtag, #Pokemon20. Across metrics, the #AvosInSpace Super Bowl ad proved the power of an activated ad and its ability to expand a brand’s reach and drive outcomes with conversion-based activities. It’s little wonder that Avocados From Mexico is looking to repeat this wildly popular and highly successful Super Bowl campaign.

With an integrated program such as this, Chirpify’s engagement loyalty platform illustrates how social media can be an integral component in activating on- and off-line channels for greater engagement, participation, and advocacy. To learn more about the ROI brands receive from engagement loyalty, please download our white paper.