Our Favorite Campaigns of 2016

2016 has been a terrific year for us at Chirpify in no small part due to the hard-working, creative people we get to work with every day at market-leading brands. We truly appreciate our customers and how we push each other to do the best work possible which, as you can see here, produces real impact for our clients — and their loyal customers, too. As we close out the year, we thought we’d take a look back at some of our favorite engagement loyalty moments of 2016.

Avocados from Mexico #Avosinspace

Proving the power of ad activation


Our first time supporting a Super Bowl appearance, Chirpify activated the AvosInSpace Super Bowl commercial that featured the hashtag #AvosInSpace. It subsequently rose to become the most interacted with Super Bowl ad hashtag, achieving over 993M impressions and in the first three days of the campaign alone, over 33,000 mentions – 50% more than the second-place hashtag, #Pokemon20. Across metrics, the #AvosInSpace Super Bowl ad proved the power of an activated ad and its ability to expand a brand’s reach and drive outcomes with conversion-based activities.


Marriott #WithTheBand

Highlighting geo-fenced social media Surprise & Delight

Promoting its loyalty program during the SXSW Interactive and Music Fests, Marriott achieved 42.8 million Twitter impressions. This geo-

targeted response campaign listened for SXSW attendees who tweeted an intent to learn more about music events taking place at SXSW. If the attendee’s presence in Austin could be confirmed with Twitter geodata, they received an automated response with an invitation to concerts taking place at the JW Marriott. The highly targeted, highly relevant #WithTheBand campaign randomized responses allowing for engagement at scale without being impersonal.


Univision and Walmart #CopaAmerica

Language translation and geo-fencing

We were excited to host the first social media Copa America campaign in which fans could vote for their teams in their native language. Also featuring Chirpify geo-fencing, fans attending a soccer match at any one of the participating stadiums could use #CopaAmerica #Copa100 or #CopaCentenario, to receive an automated response from Univision in their native language. Partnered with Walmart, the automated Chirpify response offered premium content from Walmart. This campaign proved the power of native language engagement and conversion, especially when coupled with geo-fencing and exclusive content.


Togo’s #TogosSandwiches

Partnership with Paytronix


We were excited to see our partnership with Paytronix in action as we brought engagement loyalty to the Togo’s loyalty program. By linking Chirpify with the Togo’s member database and Paytronix mobile wallet, Togo’s has gained new, valuable data about its social Tribe members. With this data, Togo’s can now analyze how often members redeem points, assess campaign success across channels, and fine tune rewards, personalizing them for greater customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value to the organization.


PGA Tour Superstore #RepYourCountry

Integral component of big event marketing

For the Rio Olympics, we partnered with the PGA Tour Superstore to ensure its marketing efforts for this big event (in which golf made an appearance for the first time in 112 years) used social media to its utmost, while ensuring it was integrated with its other marketing efforts. Using a sweepstakes to increase engagement and create a positive value exchange, the PGA Tour Superstore drove frequency of interaction, engagement and new customer acquisition. The program also allowed the PGA Tour Superstore to gather critical data, such as email, and tie it to a person’s social ID, the data from which was then used to tie together marketing efforts.


Oregon Humane Society #Advocat

Activating calls-to-action from across media


Earlier this year we donated our software and services to help the Oregon Humane Society (OHS) achieve its goal to ‘End Petlessness’. Through a new loyalty program called the OHS Advocat, people activated calls-to-action from across nonprofit workhorses like direct mail and email to radio and billboards. Linking social IDs to individuals within the supporter database, OHS has gained greater insight into those sharing the organization’s mission socially as well as analytics on how campaigns perform with regard to impressions, conversions, influencer reach, and participant demographics.


ROI of Engagement Loyalty

Download the ROI Study

Bringing it all together, our customers across industries see a great deal of ROI from the Chirpify solution and we are proud of the value we bring them — from new customer acquisition to increased sales, and stronger social advocacy to better business intelligence. Wrapping up the year, one of our clients quantified this impact to their business and has allowed us to share the results with you. Among other things, they saw even greater levels of loyalty and brand trust; customers who were more likely to share their activities on social media; and customers who were more likely to purchase from the brand. Please download a copy of the ROI study white paper for a more in-depth read of all the details of this great ROI study.

From the results of all of these terrific campaigns, to Gartner’s recognition of Chirpify as a “Cool Vendor”, it’s clear that Engagement Loyalty delivers significant impact. We look forward to working closely with our customers and challenging ourselves to deliver even greater levels of benefit and value in the year ahead. If you would like to learn more about how our solutions for engagement loyalty and conversational conversion can deliver distinct ROI for your business, please reach out to us today.

Social Listening is Not Enough



Social listening is often hailed as the first step in a healthy social media marketing program and it makes good sense. Before you dive in and start setting goals, planning campaigns, or having conversations, it’s important to know what is being said about your brand, products and/or services. Yet, if knowing is half the battle, the other half is defined by the actions you drive with it. And, this is where Chirpify comes in.

The Bridge Between Listening & Action

Chirpify bridges social listening platforms like Hootsuite, Spredfast or Sprinklr, and CRM systems like the Salesforce cloud or Epsilon with Loyalty Engagement. Fueled by conversion, Chirpify connects the dots between social media, messaging, commerce and CRM. Let me explain.

At Chirpify, we enable brands to identify and automatically take action based on specific social media and messaging triggers. For example, if adidas were launching a new shoe and wanted to take action based on its listening around that new product, adidas would be able to automatically reply to social media and messaging posts with those specific new product words, sentiments, pictures and/or other predefined social media triggers. Moreover, Chirpify helps fuel the cycle of engagement by allowing consumers to respond to brand-created triggers that may start life as a call to action in other marketing channels, such as email, TV, or a billboard ad.

From here, Chirpify converts consumer engagement. And we do it at scale. This means that we take consumer participation and convert it into meaningful data for your business by moving social media or messaging platform engagement and converting it into a real person in your CRM database. Chirpify offers integrations into leading CRM solutions, Loyalty databases and eCommerce systems to close the loop and tie those acquired customer social identities to customer records. With this data in hand, we can effectively measure your campaign and program engagement and success.

Creating Meaning for Brands & Customers

Chirpify creates a value exchange that is beneficial to both consumer and brand by marrying engagement and loyalty into its Engagement Loyalty platform. We do this by:

  • Taking advantage of the direct follower model of social media platforms themselves, which is ideal for loyalty. Indeed, existing social media and messaging followers are the best place to start activating and converting customers at scale.
  • Sending an email campaign with embedded call to action triggers to existing loyalty program members, encouraging them to engage and convert by linking their social IDs with their loyalty program account.
  • Leveraging omni-channel CTA’s that instruct members, and non-members alike, to set off social actions for marketing conversion. Non-members receive auto-responses to join, while members convert instantly.
  • Once these two groups of people are seeded in the program, they form a loyal base of advocates that serve to bring more people into the program. They spread earned media as they share, driving new customer acquisition, engagement, conversion and ongoing advocacy.

Chirpify also benefits consumers and encourages loyalty by rewarding them for their engagement and conversion activities. Rewards can vary greatly–from points to exclusive deals and content–but should above all be seen as valuable by customers and a fair exchange for their brand advocacy and participation. Treat social media and messaging as a loyalty platform, not just an ad platform and your loyal customers will bring their friends, creating a virtuous cycle that fuels customer loyalty, customer spend and business ROI.

Whether you have an existing customer loyalty program that you want to modernize or you are looking for a new, lightweight way to engage more deeply with fans, Chirpify can help. We are expert at driving ROI from engagement loyalty and would be happy to assess how we can help unify conversion and the consumer experience for your brand.

Soccer.com Scores with Chirpify Engagement Loyalty


Dedicated to being the world’s leading authentic grassroots soccer company, Soccer.com is home to soccer lovers of all stripes. Whether you are an avid player or avid fan, Soccer.com has the gear for you. Fostering loyalty beyond the sport, Soccer.com has a loyalty program called Goal Club which rewards its customers through savings, points for future purchases, and more.

This fall, Soccer.com is relaunching its Goal Club with even more rewards and options. As part of its relaunch, it is working with the engagement loyalty experts at Chirpify to expand its Goal Club program to embrace its loyal fans on social and messaging channels.

Now, Goal Club members will be recognized and rewarded online for their social advocacy, engagement and participation with the brand. To kick-off the program, Soccer.com is emailing its existing members with an invitation to connect their social media accounts. When Goal Club members active the ‘socialized’ email by clicking on the embedded social trigger, they instigate the linking of their email address to their social handle, which allows Soccer.com to reward its loyal customers in social media and encourage participation in a social value exchange.

The Chirpify engine listens in the background for social triggers that once set off, can automatically and immediately reward Goal Club members for their engagement. Chirpify can recognize existing Goal Club members and can even create accounts for new members. As the program matures into the fall, campaign-specific social triggers will be introduced to activate new members via Soccer.com’s most active social channels.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Social media creates a positive cycle of new customer acquisition. As existing customers share in social media, their social networks receive their message publicly advocating on behalf of Soccer.com validating it as part of their social persona, encouraging others to do the same. Chirpify can create accounts for new Goal Club members.

Today’s consumers desire and demand utility which allows them to interact with brands how, when and where they like. With Chirpify, Soccer.com is able to infuse the customer experience with the utility consumers demand, maintaining value in the customer relationship, expanding their lifetime value. Specifically, Chirpify helps Soccer.com provide utility by effectively turning a consumer’s smartphone into a remote control for interacting with the brand; it connects the customer’s view of the organization with programs like loyalty over their social-mobile remote control.

In addition, Chirpify’s end-to-end platform gives Soccer.com the ability to create a more personlized customer experience as it is able to recognize and reward its loyal customers through a variety of means — moderated and automated. By linking its Goal Club program members with online social IDs, Soccer.com can gather important data about who is engaging with them, in which channels, and how much they spend online. With this data in hand, Soccer.com can further personalize their 1:1 efforts and create campaigns that maximize customer value.

If you are a retailer looking to expand your customer acquisition and retention by meeting consumers’ need for utility head-on, contact us today. We are experts at recognizing and rewarding customers for the specific behaviors that will meaningfully impact your marketing and business goals.

The ROI Of Engagement Loyalty – A White Paper


At Chirpify we engage with a wide variety of organizations across retail, hospitality, banking and more. And, one of the most frequent questions we field when discussing the power of engagement loyalty is around quantifying its impact — not in terms of vanity metrics such as Likes, but to the loyalty program as a whole, and even more broadly to the business.

Now one of our customers has answered that question for us with a recent ROI study. We have wrapped all the results into a white paper for you outlining how the Chirpify platform for engagement loyalty has positively impacted:

  1. Social Media Engagement
  2. Customer Loyalty
  3. Customer Spending

The study compares the brand’s socially connected loyalty members, (defined as members of its loyalty program who have connected their social handle(s) to their loyalty member account,) to members of its loyalty program that have not connected their accounts. The results are impressive and illustrate the power of engagement loyalty in boosting participation, engagement and ultimately spending with the brand.

To access all the details and increase the engagement, loyalty and spending of your customers, just give us a few details…

  • Company email addresses only
  • Tell us why you're interested

Announcing Chirpify Moderation – Brands Can Now Moderate Social Rewards



We are excited to announce Chirpify Moderation, the newest feature to our conversational conversion and social loyalty platform. Along with Chirpify Automation, enabling brands to engage and reward consumers at scale, Moderation provides the flexibility to selectively reward consumers based on both user and post specific criteria. Chirpify Moderation helps brands proactively address the biggest challenges today in building loyalty: the ability to reach consumers where they spend their time, personalize communication to them and make them feel special.

Indeed, while the average consumer has 29 loyalty cards, they are truly loyal to less than half that. A driving factor behind this figure is that consumers want to be rewarded for more than ‘spend and get’. When asked, 84% of consumers, as reported by Loyalty360, said they would spend more with companies that offer points for activities other than spending.

How It Works

Chirpify Moderation allows brands to selectively reward customers for their social activities which builds a deeper relationship, drives engagement and ultimately increases customer spending. This new feature works with the greater Chirpify platform to achieve this for brands. First, Chirpify automatically reviews and filters social media posts using pre-defined criteria that would qualify, or disqualify, someone for a reward.

Then, with Chirpify Moderation, brands can moderate any social trigger or conversation, such as hashtags, photos, topics, sharing and more, filtering the resultant queue against a number of parameters, such as quality of user generated content, number of followers greater or less than a specified amount, post language, default profile picture and more. Brands can apply bulk or individual approvals or rejections to the filtered queue.

Chirpify Moderation allows brands to increase social efficiency and effectiveness by uniting automated listening for triggers while giving moderators the ability to manually review posts and user content for fit before determining their qualification for a reward. This helps brands better personalize the reward based on the user while making sure that the reward is one that the customer appreciates and/or makes them feel special.

Chirpify Moderation also:

  • Provides a quick link to an individual user’s profile.
  • Allows brands to filter queues for default profile pictures, number of followers greater or less than a specified amount, language, and more.
  • Allows bulk approval and rejection of post(s).
  • Connects to automation to send responses and rewards based on approvals.

Additionally, Chirpify now supports custom logins, which means brands can now set feature-based user access, with different logins for different Chirpify feature sets – Chirpify Moderation, Reply Rewards, Analytics, or any combination of the three — thus allowing brands to segment system access and control to various social management teams.

Moderation joins a family of features that together address the entire social loyalty spectrum with the ability to listen, apply rules from its rules engine, and reply with moderation or automation in the user’s tongue of choice. Chirpify users are able to convert and reward, and capture important data and analytics to create a virtuous cycle of social loyalty.

If you’d like an independent assessment of ways your organization can map moderation and social loyalty to your business goals, please contact us today.

Togo’s Rewards Tribe Members on Social Media with Chirpify and Paytronix


Today we are excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Paytronix to bring social loyalty to the Togo’s Tribe. Togo’s benefits from the combined Chirpify-Paytronix solution by gaining new, valuable data about its social Tribe members, and rewarding them in social media for their engagement and participation with the brand. Full press release here.

Our customers are increasingly active in social media and looking to engage there with us. Extending our loyalty program to social media doubles-down on our ability to engage with our most loyal customers when, where, and how they like. With the introduction of social loyalty, we are growing our relevance, creating a virtuous cycle of acquisition, engagement, and data collection that allows us to continually personalize offers for greater impact to the guest and the business.

Jessica Miller, Brand Manager, Digital Marketing & Communications

With the Paytronix reward program solution, Togo’s engages with its Tribe members in their channel of choice, whether that be mobile, in-store, or online. Members can, for example, sign up online as Tribe members and redeem accumulated points when in store via their mobile device. And, with Chirpify, Tribe members can earn a multitude of rewards — from exclusive specials, to surprise offers, and points — for their social media engagement which is tied to a member account linked to a Paytronix wallet.

With the addition of Chirpify, Togo’s can now engage its Tribe members over social media channels, rewarding members in exchange for participating with the brand over social media. To kick-off the program, Togo’s is encouraging Tribe members to link their social handle(s) to Togo’s Sandwiches in exchange for 10 points per channel. Tribe members that additionally follow Togo’s on its social channels will be rewarded with 15 additional points for each follow.

How It Works

The Chirpify engine listens in the background for social triggers that once set off, can automatically and immediately reward Tribe members for their interaction. At launch, Tribe members will be awarded five points for Tweets or Instagram posts with #Togos or #TogosSandwiches. Linked to the Paytronix system through its easy-to-use API, Chirpify can recognize existing Tribe members and can even create accounts for new members.

Togo’s and its Tribe members also benefit from the combined solution as the Chirpify platform identifies and collects campaign conversion data by social ID and ties it to an existing Togo’s Tribe member account linked to a Paytronix wallet. With this data in hand, Togo’s can analyze how often members redeem points, assess campaign success across channels, and much more, allowing Togo’s to fine tune its rewards, personalizing them for greater customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value to the organization.

Chirpify also allows Togo’s to extend specific cross-platform promotions to social media, using tools such as geo-targeting to promote events such as new store openings. For more information on the Togo’s solution with Chirpify and Paytronix, the full release is here.

For a business approach that drives deeper customer engagement, helps acquire valuable data, and grows customer spend, reach out to us today. We can help with a spectrum of initiatives, from integrating with an existing program like the Togo’s Paytronix-enabled solution to creating your own lightweight brand advocacy program.

Announcing Chirpify Reply Rewards: Surprise & Delight Your Customers in Social Media



Many loyalty programs embrace the value of a Surprise & Delight strategy to effectively capture customer attention, deepen the relationship outside of a transaction, and in turn drive repeat purchases and greater lifetime value. Now bringing the customer value and business benefits of Surprise & Delight to social media is Chirpify Reply Rewards. With Chirpify Reply Rewards, brands can proactively engage with customers online and surprise them with rewards for their activities instantly over social media. Full press release here.

Surprise & Delight strategies seek to deepen the emotional link between consumers and the brand, in turn driving positive word of mouth. Chirpify Reply Rewards amplifies these goals as the very nature of social media encourages and easily provides social advocacy and implied social proof as customers’ social networks have a very visible view into Surprise & Delight activities.

“Through travel, Marriott Rewards members pursue their passions sharing their experiences via social media along the way. With Chirpify’s Reply Rewards platform we’re able to surprise and delight our members at scale, while personally recognizing and interacting with them in real-time. This furthers our belief that loyalty is a two-way street. Plus, the platform gives members another easy way to earn Marriott Rewards points, keeping them engaged with the program in between stays.”

Amanda Moore, Senior Director, Social and Digital Marketing Loyalty at Marriott International

How Does It Work?

Chirpify Reply Rewards listens on social networks for defined topics of interest to the brand and/or brand sentiment, giving marketers the opportunity to proactively interact with people with moderated messages designed to Surprise & Delight. Chirpify allows brand moderators to look up an individual’s history with the brand, helping them craft an appropriate, tailored message. Chirpify also offers integration with brand CRM or loyalty member database solutions to give moderators even greater depth of information.

With this data in hand, moderators can deliver a different reward to different people, whether it’s points or engagement rewards, based on the individual’s member criteria. With Chirpify, brands can also Surprise & Delight people who aren’t existing loyalty program members. The reward is simply saved for them until they join the program and claim their reward.

Marriott Surprise & Delight

As part of the Chirpify Platform, Reply Rewards joins a host of features for deepening customer relationships in social media, providing brands like Marriott with a holistic solution for social loyalty. Given that, let’s look at how Marriott is using Reply Rewards.

Marriott Rewards, the brand’s eponymously named loyalty membership program, sits atop US News & World Report’s Best Travel Rewards list. And it’s no wonder as Marriott embraces Surprise & Delight in ensuring its members feel rewarded for their loyalty. Marriott recently launched a new campaign to Surprise & Delight its program members to celebrate their anniversary in the Marriott Rewards program. As you can see below, it used Chirpify Reply Rewards to proactively reach out to members and reward them with much coveted Marriott points.

By coupling a Surprise & Delight strategy with the Chirpify automation platform, Marriott is able to proactively reward its Marriott Rewards members, deepening its relationship with its customers while obtaining positive social word of mouth and implied social proof.

Like other elements of a loyalty program, Surprise & Delight should span channels and be sure to embrace where a brand’s customers spend their time. Now with Chirpify Reply Rewards, brands can proactively Surprise & Delight their social customers, deepening relationships, growing spend and gathering important data — all in their customers’ channel of choice. Can we help you Surprise & Delight your social consumers? We think so and we’d be happy to share why; just drop us a line today.

PGA Tour Superstore & adidas Golf Help Fans Gear Up for the Olympics with Chirpify

Everyone is gearing up for the Olympics. And to help fans literally gear up for the Games in Rio, the PGA Tour Superstore is running a sweeps that will select winners daily and weekly to receive adidas’ Team USA golf gear, official provider of Team USA Olympic golf apparel. Running now through August 14th, winners will receive prizes ranging from shirts and shoes, to golf balls and gift cards.

With every Olympics becoming more social than the last, a solid social media strategy is not optional. As with any big event marketing opportunity, social media presents the occasion to engage and activate fans at scale in their context of choice. While real-time marketing moments like the now infamous “You can still dunk in the dark” live on in cultural memory, many of us are measured on how well our efforts convert awareness into engagement and engagement into action.

In this vein, the PGA Tour Superstore saw the opportunity to bring together the excitement and attention the Olympics bring with Chirpify’s conversational conversion platform to drive real social media ROI from their Olympics activities.

Chirpify recommended taking advantage of the burgeoning excitement for Olympic golf with a sweepstakes designed to capture social media engagement. In exchange for retweeting the social media triggers #RepYourCountry and #Sweeps from the PGA Tour Superstore, the Chirpify engine immediately sends the fan a personal DM or @reply invitation to complete their sweeps entry.

Here fans submit their information and are entered into the raffle in mere moments, effectively converting the fan’s excitement and desire to gear up for the Games while growing the PGA Tour Superstore’s engaged base.

Behind the scenes, Chirpify is working, listening for the defined social triggers, #RepYourCountry and #Sweeps, applying rules from its rules engine and automatically responding to consumers. Fans who tweeted with the dual hashtags were thanked via an automatic email response and could enter into the contest at a special “Geared for More” landing site. While drawings are held daily, and fans can enter every day, repeat entrants convert immediately in stream.

With the end of a 112-year hiatus from the Olympics on the horizon, golf fans are particularly excited about this year’s Olympic Games. And the PGA Tour Superstore is happy to oblige those looking to represent with adidas Team USA wear for the start of golf on August 11th. In addition to garnering goodwill with its excited fan base, with Chirpify the PGA Tour Superstore is able to deliver real social media ROI through its Olympics social media marketing efforts.

Specifically, sweeps like these increase organic reach. As people retweet the opportunity to participate, others see it and join in because their friends have already advocated socially for it. The sweepstakes increases engagement as it gives fans a reason – or a positive value exchange — to participate. Participation drives frequency of interaction and a growing likelihood to engage and participate in the future, starting a brand relationship if there was none before and furthering a virtuous cycle of brand loyalty for those already engaged.

Importantly, participation allows the PGA Tour Superstore to gather critical data, such as email, and tie it to a person’s social ID. Once this data is linked, marketers can slice and dice it in a myriad of ways to measure campaign success and create measurable improvement.

At Chirpify, we strongly recommend that social teams close the loop on meaningful metrics like these with campaigns that drive engagement, conversion, and data collection to make lasting impacts on marketing and business goals. For an assessment of how Chirpify can help move the needle for your social loyalty and conversational conversion activities, please connect with us today.

Announcing Chirpify Language Translation – In action at the Copa America Tournament with Univision and Walmart


Copa America is the oldest international continental football competition. And, for the first time, fans can vote on social media for their teams with Chirpify. This year’s competition features 16 teams representing countries with languages including Spanish, English, Portuguese and French, yet fans can participate in their native tongue. Let’s talk through how we can make that happen and then I’ll share how Univision and Walmart are using language translation to create deeper customer relationships in social media.

How Does It Work?

Chirpify now enables brands to respond to consumers in their native language, regardless of what it may be – from Spanish to Chinese, Arabic to French. Chirpify, as always, listens in the background for social triggers that when activated, prompts an automated, rules-based response. Chirpify is able to identify the language in which the person communicated and automatically replies to them with a pre-scripted, randomized, or smart response, in that language. This allows brands to reply, reward, and convert at scale all in the user’s native language.

Univision Engages Multi-Language Audience

As a multi-language brand, Univision interacts regularly with social consumers in both English and Spanish. It’s no stretch then to understand their need to respond at scale in both Spanish and English to social consumers during a large, exciting event like the Copa America tournament.

If you’re attending a soccer match at any one of the participating stadiums (Chirpify GEO-Fencing in action) and use #CopaAmerica #Copa100 or #CopaCentenario, you’ll receive an automated response from Univision in your native language to check out Walmart’s freshest recipes. Language analysis alerts the Chirpify engine to the language used – in this case, English or Spanish — and Chirpify automatically responds in the matching language.

Walmart Brings Fresh Approach to Social Media

In addition to the Univision reply regarding Walmart’s new fresh selections, Walmart is also using Chirpify for per country voting in consumers’ native language during the Copa America tournament. Running the duration of the event, the Chirpify-powered program features 16 individual live campaigns – one for each country with a team participating in the competition.

Voters will receive an automated response in English or Spanish depending on their native language. They are permitted to vote once per day, per game and will receive a recipe from Walmart that corresponds with the country that received their vote. For example, a Brazilian fan might vote #Bra #Sorteo and receive an automated response from Walmart with a Brazilian feijoada recipe. The more fans vote or participate with the microsite, the greater their eligibility to win a Univision prize package.

Social media is increasingly a cornerstone for organizations looking to engage more deeply with consumers, regardless of the language they speak. With Chirpify language translation, marketers are able to universally tap into their customers’ interests, and communicate with rewards and responses, as Walmart has for this cross-hemisphere competition.

If you would like to learn more about reaching a multilingual audience to drive greater loyalty, gain important data, and increase sales, reach out to us today.

Announcing Emoji Triggers 🙌


Emojis have become a ubiquitous way for people to express their feelings. With more than 110 billion emojis tweeted since 2014, it makes sense for brands to pay attention. Even more important than listening, brands need to have some way to engage consumers at scale, reward, and convert them.

Now you can set up emoji triggers inside the Chirpify platform. Here’s how this works…

Like other Chirpify triggers such as geolocation posts, photo uploads, hashtags, links, shares and more, emoji triggers will aggregate posts by consumers based on which emoji you’d like to track. When our platform identifies a post containing the tracked emoji, Chirpify can automate a response and a reward to that consumer from your brand’s handle. These responses are smart – They can be randomized, or varied depending on campaign or user criteria. They can also be combined with other logic from our rules engine. For example, a user who posts and emoji from a certain geo-location can receive a different response than someone who is not at that location.

Marriott’s campaign to surprise and delight consumers at SXSW was a great example of combining triggers. They combined a topic and a geolocation filter, aggregating posts from people that were at SXSW and were interested in music. They then automated a free concert ticket along with different messages to consumers, engaging with them at the exact right moment with a positive surprise.

Contact us to set up your emoji campaign ✌️