Most Social Media Marketers Don’t Measure ROI – Because they can’t

According to Simply Measured’s annual The State of Social Marketing report, the leading challenge for social media marketers is measuring ROI, with nearly 60% saying they struggle to tie social to business goals. Indeed, aligning social media marketing strategy to specific business objectives is the number one area of focus for agencies this year. In [...]

Most Social Media Marketers Don’t Measure ROI – Because they can’t2017-08-16T16:48:41+00:00

Announcing Integrated Registration

We’re pleased to announce integrated registration, enabling brands to embed engagement loyalty opt-in directly into their owned properties on web and mobile. With integrated registration, consumer opt-in is as easy as logging in with their favorite social media platform. For brands, installing registration is as simple as adding a link to your website or mobile [...]

Announcing Integrated Registration2017-11-01T20:49:08+00:00

The Liability & ROI of Rewarding Engagement

Accounting for loyalty program points can present a challenge to organizations looking for ways to modernize their program by expanding beyond “spend and get” to reward for engagement. After all, the argument goes, points are a liability and creating more of them can’t be done lightly. This perspective will not only keep you from much [...]

The Liability & ROI of Rewarding Engagement2019-04-11T18:25:13+00:00

Chirpify Helps Score Big with Goal Club Rewards

Sports Endeavors Incorporated (SEI), the company behind popular sports brands such as,, and, thinks of its employees, its community and its customers as a team. To that end, we're teaming with SEI and soccer clubs across the country to not only outfit teams for the season, but reward them with a free [...]

Chirpify Helps Score Big with Goal Club Rewards2019-08-01T16:18:19+00:00

Twitter Bots & Brands – Fraud Wars

There has been a lot of talk over the years about bots on Twitter. Since we invented instant transactions from a single social media action, with Chirpify itself being a bot on Twitter since 2011, I thought I'd share some thoughts on Twitter bots and brand campaigns. Today there are a LOT of bots on [...]

Twitter Bots & Brands – Fraud Wars2017-07-25T18:46:08+00:00

Announcing Chirpify Social Loyalty CRM

"Know your audience." It’s a simple and obvious mantra for any successful business. What’s not so simple and obvious is exactly how to go about getting to know your customers, connecting their identities in social media and messaging to existing customer records. Even further, if that data is obtained, most brands don’t know what to [...]

Announcing Chirpify Social Loyalty CRM2017-06-27T16:55:41+00:00

Marriott wins 2017 Gold for Best Loyalty Marketing

Congrats to Marriott, and their social loyalty program, on winning first place for Chief Marketer's 2017 best loyalty marketing! We're proud to power Marriott's program, where in 2016 members generated more than 65 million positive earned media impressions, and earned more than 84 million rewards points through 326,000 social media engagements – the equivalent to [...]

Marriott wins 2017 Gold for Best Loyalty Marketing2017-06-20T19:11:16+00:00

Twitter DM Cards and Chirpify – Pushing Chatbots to Meaningful Conversation

Last week Twitter announced a new Direct Message Card for advertisers. The card allows brands to create ads with up to four different prompts that can be used to kick-start conversations on a specific topic, with the goal of helping brands start a private chat with customers. Having developed chatbots since 2011, we are excited [...]

Twitter DM Cards and Chirpify – Pushing Chatbots to Meaningful Conversation2017-06-01T18:05:59+00:00

Announcing Chirpify Mobile App Integration

Read full press release here For years we've helped customers increase their customer’s loyalty and spend by rewarding consumers for their engagement with the brand in social media and messaging applications. And now, we are excited to announce that we are further streamlining and strengthening the customer-brand relationship with the ability to integrate our engagement [...]

Announcing Chirpify Mobile App Integration2017-05-16T19:05:28+00:00

Chirpify and goPuff Offer Customers Convenience without the Store

  We're excited that goPuff, the mobile convenience store delivery service, has teamed up with us to bring more convenience to more people. In cities across America, goPuff's mission is to connect through convenience. Chirpify’s engagement loyalty platform helps fulfill that mission by connecting goPuff customers more deeply with the brand on social media. Taylor [...]

Chirpify and goPuff Offer Customers Convenience without the Store2017-11-17T22:10:56+00:00