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For years we’ve helped customers increase their customer’s loyalty and spend by rewarding consumers for their engagement with the brand in social media and messaging applications. And now, we are excited to announce that we are further streamlining and strengthening the customer-brand relationship with the ability to integrate our engagement loyalty platform directly into any brand’s mobile app for the customer’s ease of access and conversion.

Integrated Social Login & Engagement Loyalty Opt-In

While the process of linking social accounts to a rewards program has always been easy with Chirpify, it’s become even easier as customers can now instantly and seamlessly register their social accounts within your mobile app. This allows customers to immediately begin earning loyalty program rewards for their social and chat engagement(s). For your customers, this integration brings greater utility, making it even easier for them to participate and do business with you. And, the integration provides the ability to engage more deeply with customers on the mobile app, which is important as mobile users have been proven to spend more per transaction.

By embedding social logins in your mobile app, consumers can link their social account(s) of choice–whether that be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram–to your reward program without ever exiting the brand’s app. Keeping customers in the context they are in is important to holding their attention and having them finish a desired action; integration with your mobile app is yet another way Chirpify helps ensure this action is completed and the long-term benefits of engagement loyalty are achieved.

Engagement & Rewards

Once linked, Chirpify enables brands to listen for specific conversations and social media actions, such as topics, hashtags, photo uploads, sharing links and more. Brands can also define rules such as geo-fencing, frequency, and influence, automatically responding to consumers whose posts meet the listening and rules criteria. Members earn rewards for every eligible social action.

Silver Diner has developed award-winning fresh and local menus to address today’s lifestyles. To stay relevant and participating in our customers’ lifestyle, we know we need to engage our diners between meals on social media. With Chirpify, Silver Diner gains new customers and valuable customer data, and diners accrue rewards for dollars off their next visit. This virtuous cycle of rewards, earned media, new customer acquisition, and customer-driven data underscores our philosophy of “Eat Well, Do Well”.

Joe Howell, Senior Marketing Manager, Silver Diner


In addition to the greater engagement, retention, loyalty and spend that engagement loyalty brings to brands, this integration also serves to boost the power of your CRM. By making it easier to link and match your customer’s social identity to an existing account and/or customer record, Chirpify feeds the CRM with important social and messaging data that strengthens the CRM’s segmentation and retargeting power.

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