Columbia Sportswear uses Chirpify to power their engagement loyalty program, Greater Rewards. Occasionally we like to highlight campaigns they run to reward members for their brand advocacy. This is one of those times. The Campaign Columbia wanted to engage and reward their loyalty members during Covid to share their adventures in Columbia gear. The Chirpify [...]


3.2 Billion Impressions for Avocados from Mexico

Avocados from Mexico absolutely crushes the brand bowl every year. For the last 4 years we're proud to be one of the reasons why. Their innovative approach to digital has been well documented, and last year Avos was #1 in generating the most social exposure and buzz, driving 2.5 Billion impressions, and beating out both [...]

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Direct Message Subscriptions

Previously we've discussed how brands use Chirpify like Mailchimp for Social Media, enabling people to subscribe to Direct Messages in the same way that people subscribe to email newsletters. Avocados From Mexico, who uses Chirpify every year to dominate the Super Bowl Brand Bowl, is enabling DM subscriptions as part of this year's Super Bowl [...]

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CPG Loyalty Program Challenges

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) or Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) customer loyalty programs face unique challenges. The largest challenge is data, as CPG sales data is mainly owned by retailers who control the POS systems. Some CPG companies have tried to combat this by creating mechanisms for the consumer to share their purchase data by uploading receipts. [...]

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When Brands Ignore Their Best Fans

Many brands have a branded hashtag they try and own. They put this hashtag in their bio, their stories, tweets, website, and in their posts. They use the hashtag as a way to build community and aggregate content around their brand. But most of all, they do this to try and get consumers to post. [...]

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Three of Top Four Hotel Loyalty Programs Use Chirpify for Engagement Loyalty

Hotel brands want to forge long-term relationships with their customers and loyalty programs are a chief way that the industry has sought to do so. After all, having guests return time and time again is good for both the customer and the business, with benefits including greater customer retention, the ability to further personalize guest [...]

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Social Media – A Dark Place of Endless Hyperbolic Bitching

Let's face it, a solid percentage of social media has become a dark place of endless hyperbolic bitching. If you run social for a brand, you know this all too well. Your brand is constantly berated for every move it makes. All of this negative sentiment has you wondering if it's even worth it. Since [...]

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Super Bowl 2019

Last year during the Super Bowl brands used Chirpify to drive 58 billion impressions. That's 58 billion, with a B. This year, brands like Avocados From Mexico ran super bowl campaigns that exceeded their performance from last year, and not just in terms of impressions. First, let's talk about what they did. Avocados From Mexico Super [...]

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Social Sampling – By The Numbers

The world's largest Brands use Chirpify for sampling programs. The reasons to use social media for sampling are obvious. Earned media, increased engagement, more followers, better data, and higher spend compared to traditional sampling tactics. We thought we'd share the numbers behind a recent sampling program run by Summers Eve, in which the brand asked [...]

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IQ Trivia White-Label : Available From Any Brand Handle

Previously we told you how we built IQ Trivia, a massive multiplayer live trivia game played by thousands of people all over the world competing for cash, prizes, and IQ score. Thousands of people play IQ Trivia, giving its brand 22 minutes of their undivided attention every single day! We’re excited to tell you [...]

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