We’re excited that goPuff, the mobile convenience store delivery service, has teamed up with us to bring more convenience to more people.

In cities across America, goPuff’s mission is to connect through convenience. Chirpify’s engagement loyalty platform helps fulfill that mission by connecting goPuff customers more deeply with the brand on social media.

Taylor Goldman, Head of Content, goPuff

In today’s world, convenience and utility are top priorities and goPuff delivers on these expectations, literally. With a few mouse clicks – or swipes on a smartphone – customers get what they want when they want it. Offering 30 minute delivery of thousands of convenience goods, goPuff currently operates in 18 cities across the US (or more cities if the consumer can wait 1-2 business days for delivery) and is growing every month. It’s a convenience store on wheels, so customers can save time without interrupting their current activity of choice.

Delivering Utility

Chirpify delivers utility to goPuff customers. Today’s consumers have a remote control in their pocket that allows them to interact with brands how, when and where they like. Brands like goPuff that are able to infuse the customer experience with the utility consumers demand are able to maintain value in the customer relationship, not just retaining that customer but expanding their lifetime value.

Here is one example of a campaign GoPuff runs regularly based on seasonal and event driven timeframes. In this example, they’re incentivizing their members to post the #sendfoods hashtag to be rewarded with discounts. This is perfectly timed and executed on brand with college finals week.

GoPuff also uses Chirpify to surprise and delight consumers by listening for specific topics on Twitter, based around specific geographic locations to their service areas, and auto-respond to people with offers and discounts. These messages are delivered in real-time at the exact time a person posts about the specific topic GoPuff is tracking. Key to sending the right message and reward, at the right time, on the right channel.

Another campaign execution is GoPuff leveraging order packaging with calls-to-action for their members to share their order to be rewarded. Inside their orders members will find a printed card with instructions on what to post on social media to receive their reward. When a consumer posts they are instantly acknowledged and rewarded.

Connecting Social to Loyalty & CRM

Chirpify and goPuff extend this utility to customers, connecting them in mobile and social. By connecting their social account(s) to goPuff, customers can seamlessly earn rewards for their social actions — such as participating in goPuff campaigns, sharing user generated content and more. In the background Chirpify listens for these social triggers and automatically responds to goPuff customers at scale with randomly generated goPuff voucher codes for things like free delivery and dollars-off of future orders. In exchange, goPuff receives earned media which helps fuel customer loyalty and new customer acquisition, as well as valuable data, overlaying social identity to their existing customer records.

This is just one example of how Chirpify’s engagement loyalty platform is rewarding customers and increasing spend. Consumers spend enormous amounts of time online in social media, and research has proven that they are loyal to brands like goPuff that save them time and engage them in the moment with random acts of kindness. This loyalty generates brand advocacy, which reaps new customers. The cycle repeats, positivity grows, and so does revenue.

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