Sports Endeavors Incorporated (SEI), the company behind popular sports brands such as,, and, thinks of its employees, its community and its customers as a team. To that end, we’re teaming with SEI and soccer clubs across the country to not only outfit teams for the season, but reward them with a free 12-month Goal Club Membership.

When soccer club athletes receive their team uniform this summer, it will be accompanied by a uniform care guide and a free membership to’s rewarding membership program, Goal Club. Additionally, now through December 31, 2017, members sharing a photo of their new team jersey on Twitter or Instagram using #soccerdotcomteam will score 100 Goal Club points for registration and 50 Goal Club points for sharing the photo. Accumulated points can be redeemed for coupon codes good for dollars off the next order.

SEI engages customers with our engagement loyalty platform that listens in the background for social triggers — in this instance the hashtag #soccerdotcomteam — and rewards customers for the action automatically and immediately.

Avid soccer players and fans are already posting fun and exciting pictures on social channels; SEI is simply acknowledging and thanking them for their advocacy when the pictures are of team uniforms bought through At this point, it’s game on; customers are recognized for their advocacy, positive social publicity ensues, and a virtuous circle is created. (Read here further background on how worked with us to expand its Goal Club program to embrace its loyal fans on social and messaging channels.)

While this particular campaign runs for a limited time, coincident with summer uniforms, it is part of the larger, ongoing SEI loyalty program designed to enhance customer loyalty by actively engaging people in their social channel of choice. Once the member’s Goal Club email account is linked with their Twitter and/or Instagram social accounts, SEI can use its CRM to seamlessly gather valuable social data to both analyze and fine-tune marketing efforts.

Thanks to our reporting tools, SEI can measure and calculate ROI on a variety of matrices. For example, they can assess which social channels are most frequented by their customers and sports communities; they can compare this campaign to previous campaigns to see what worked; and they can even quantify and pinpoint trends by moderating social conversations to address any customer support issues or glean ideas for improving products. Most importantly, though, the data can help SEI better understand how to effectively communicate with customers to build and strengthen team relationships.

The Chirpify engagement loyalty platform creates a win-win situation, rewarding loyal customers and providing valuable data to businesses, all while increasing customer loyalty, advocacy, and spend. Our customer research has proven that people are loyal to smart companies like Sports Endeavors that engage them in the moment. This loyalty generates brand advocacy that brings new customers to the game. The cycle repeats, positivity grows, and so does revenue.

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