Chirpify Pledges to Help Bring Diversity to Portland Tech Community

Over the next couple of months, Chirpify will be working hand-in-hand with the Portland Tech Community along with many other great companies in the area to learn and share perspective on making the tech industry more diverse.

Chirpify is very proud to be headquartered in Portland, Oregon and are often work with local technology organizations like OEN and TechfestNW.

Although the technology community here is growing quickly and is incredibly inspiring, Oregon is still behind in representing women and people of color within the space.PDX-diversity-stats

Not only will we work within the community to change this but we will start the process within our own office. We will have open conversations about diversity in the workplace, and be guided by CEO, Chris Teso who will be executing and reporting back on the 5 Actions program along with other leaders throughout Portland.

“Diversity in nature is essential to the survival, and success, of species. Business is no different. One of the best way to ensure that my business flourishes is to have the diversity of ideas, and people, shape its course. I’m happy to have the opportunity to help shape how Portland approaches diversification, and look forward to implementing the policies and solutions we collectively create.”

–Chris Teso, Founder & CEO, Chirpify

Hiring at Chirpify

Currently, the Chirpify office is divided 50/50 women to men, and we plan to continue to work hard to support and connect with other diverse groups into the technology space. We also plan to provide room for our current employees to grow. We want to devote an equal amount of time and effort into retaining our employees. It is important to us that we show them they have a future here at Chirpify.

“At Chirpify we want to foster a heterogenous culture that is inclusive and attractive to all. Diverse workforces bring a multitude of skill sets that are unique to their life experiences. This allows for fresh ideas, viewpoints, and different approaches to doing business and can provide a unique perspective to the workplace.”

–Farrah Campbell, Director of Operations, Chirpify

Thank you to TechTown Oregon for taking initiatives to push this forward. We will keep our readers updated on progress on this program.