We’re delighted to announce that Chirpify has partnered with MasterCard to offer the first-ever hashtag donation campaign with in-stream giving.

Chirpify is powering Mastercard’s Dig In & Do Good campaign, which launched today in support of Stand Up To Cancer.  Mastercard programs have raised more than $12 million to date for the celebrity-sponsored charity.

In addition to social donations, MasterCard customers can also raise money for the cause simply by spending $10 or more when they dine out – or even order in – and choose to pay with their MasterCard.

Enabling #Hashtag Donations

MasterCard’s campaign centers around the #DoGood hashtag, which Chirpify has ‘activated’ to allow anyone to donate directly to the cause – simply by posting or replying with #DoGood and “donate” on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Thanks to the power of hashtags, people can donate instantly – on any social platform – even if they saw the campaign on a billboard or advertisement.  Using hashtags, Chirpify gives advertisers the power to drive social conversions from any channel.

Feeling inspired ? You can donate right now!

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