Columbia Sportswear, like many other brands, hosts Instagram challenges inviting their followers to share photos to be featured on the Columbia Instagram account and blog.

However, unlike most brands who run Instagram challenges, Columbia goes beyond just asking people to share. They recognize those who do and instantly comment back to each of them. Even further, they reward them for their engagement with Greater Rewards points, connecting social to their loyalty program.

Columbia knows that socially connected loyalty members spend more because they are more engaged consumers, have more touchpoints with the brand, are recognized, and rewarded with incentives to redeem and purchase. In fact independent ROI studies performed by retail customers found the following data points about their members connected via Chirpify.


Have a higher NPS score (79% vs 73%)

Have a higher trust in the brand (65% vs 60%)

Spend more with the brand (35% vs 22%)

Mark the brand as #1 in preference vs competitors (62% vs 57%)

Here’s how they do it:

Columbia uses Chirpify to manage their social loyalty program and members. As such, they’re able to segment their audience and use Chirpify to send single purpose sharing emails to socially connected members, like this one…

These emails contain a clear call-to-action, with an easy one-click button to share to social networks. When a consumer shares their photo, and are a member of Greater Rewards, Chirpify instantly deposits points inside the consumers Greater Rewards account, and sends a special message back to the consumer thanking them for their participation.

Consumers that share organically on social, and who are not yet members of Greater Rewards, could receive a different response inviting them to join the club. All part of our smart chatbot feature.

Columbia also posts about the challenge on their Instagram and Blog channels. Greater Rewards members are also encouraged to connect their social accounts to earn.

If you want to take your Instagram challenges to another level, please contact us to discuss.