Connecting TV to Social for Marketing Conversion: TaylorMade features #Actiontags Live During PGA Tour


(screenshot of TaylorMade TV spot showing Actiontags)

As the PGA Byron Nelson Championship took off over the weekend, TaylorMade promoted their #actiontag sweepstakes for their newest product, The SLDR S golf club, live during the CBS Broadcast.

The Promotion

Users who saw the call-to-action during the spot that aired live during the PGA broadcast on CBS could enter the sweepstakes to win a SLDRs or trip to the US Open by posting two branded hashtags on social.

The Results

  • The #DistanceForAll campaign resulted in a strong 55% conversion rate. This means 55% of people who saw the message on TV and responded to the sweepstakes on social completed the registration. 
  • Immediately following the TV spot the Chirpify platform sent out an average of one Tweet per second, instantly responding to users who showed intent, maximizing conversion rate.
  • On Twitter alone, the campaign saw 5.97 Million Impressions & reached over 3.34 million accounts. This doesn’t account for the on-air impressions on CBS. 

Television Conversion

Many people have discussed the connection between TV and social media. But those discussions have been limited to engagement, not actual conversion. TaylorMade Golf has taken this to a new level by giving viewers a yes button on a TV where there previously was none. #Actiontags allow brands to display a call to action on any media (TV, billboards, print, in venue) giving consumers the ability to respond to the message instantly on social where they can continue down the conversion funnel. 

By adding a conversion component to hashtags that we see on TV today, brands can expand their brand reach and ultimately learn about their most engaged consumers- within a whole new, noisy and social channel.