Chirpify is a Marketing Conversion Platform that enables consumers to participate in any marketing (promotions, commerce, contests, giveaways, sampling) via any channel (tv, venue, social, digital, print) using any device.

Connecting Venues to Conversion

A great example of cross-channel marketing conversion “in venue” is how Rascal Flatts and Jason Aldean are using Chirpify live in concerts. When fans enter a show, a promotion for a free seat upgrade is displayed on the big screen. To have a chance to upgrade all fans have to do is Tweet #Enter and one of their branded hashtags, #BurnItDownTour or #Rewind. Chirpify automates the artist account response for conversion if the fan has never used Chirpify before. If they have, the fan doesn’t have to complete any other steps. Their info is shipped to the band’s CRM.

The Value

The benefit to Rascal Flatts and Jason Aldean are as follows.


Both acts are boosting organic reach, and earned media, on social media by requiring fans to Tweet their branded hashtag, extending the in-concert experience to their friends.

Conversion & Data

Through Chirpify’s platform both bands are harvesting native attribution and campaign data directly into their CRM for retargeting and marketing.


The acts are able to measure intent and conversion in real-time every time a fan participates.

In Venue

They’re enabling consumers to participate directly without the need for a dedicated app or changing consumer behavior

Early Results

Both tours just started, but after just 4 shows we’re happy to report an average conversion rate of 40% and thousands of fans participating in the promotion for each band.

Happy Fans