Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) or Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) customer loyalty programs face unique challenges. The largest challenge is data, as CPG sales data is mainly owned by retailers who control the POS systems. Some CPG companies have tried to combat this by creating mechanisms for the consumer to share their purchase data by uploading receipts. Obviously this requires a lot of work by the consumer, and is fraught with its own challenges.

Aimia’s recent emotional loyalty study reviewed loyalty trends to uncover what engages consumers and what consumers expect from loyalty programs. No surprise, rewards was largely the primary driver for rational loyalty in the ideal program.

Without Data What’s a CPG to Do?

So, with consumers wanting rewards, and retailers owning data, what’s a CPG to do? Chirpify presents a solution for this with Social Media Loyalty programs that reward consumers for their advocacy, engagement, and sharing, not just spend. The big win here, besides the earned media driven by a social media loyalty program, is that CPG companies get to own ALL the data, including social media identity, emails, and any other data they’d like to collect via the program.

Brands looking to differentiate their programs should design a program that is easy to participate and that offers a range of relevant rewards. To that end, brands can combine social media loyalty programs with social media sampling.

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