Previously we’ve discussed how brands use Chirpify like Mailchimp for Social Media, enabling people to subscribe to Direct Messages in the same way that people subscribe to email newsletters.

Avocados From Mexico, who uses Chirpify every year to dominate the Super Bowl Brand Bowl, is enabling DM subscriptions as part of this year’s Super Bowl campaign.

As you can see from their above post, all a person has to do is reply with “remind me” and they’ll be subscribed to direct message campaigns, where AFM can send content, reminders, and different copy based on campaigns and user profile data. Chirpify’s platform collects user profiles that subscribe, auto-replies from the brand handle letting them know they’ve subscribed, then sends out DMs to all subscribers, or different segments, based on a schedule set by the brand.

Direct messages have a higher read and response rates than email.

Let us know if you’d like to use direct message channels for more than one-off support, and start engaging consumers in new ways.