Chirpify helps you make more money and gain more fans

People consume music and music-related items in a variety of different manners but the basic experience is the same with the desire of a fan to depart with dollars for an item or experience – physical, digital, or metaphysical.

For nearly a hundred years people have been able to consume or listen to recorded music and I’ll avoid an extended history lesson, but for the last 30 years it’s been mainly via vinyl round discs, cassette tapes, compact discs & packaging, digital downloads (DRM, MP3, WAV, etc), and digital streams.  These formats are sold as separate items (albums, EP’s,  singles), subscriptions (licenses) and sometimes free with support from an advertiser.   In addition to recorded music there has been a history of  fans desiring to signify their connection to an artist by owning and displaying an object with the artist’s name and/or likeness.

Furthermore fans have ever enjoyed the original experience of music as in a live performance.  Fans will always want to experience an artist and their music in a real-time in person setting.  Though Webcasting performance maybe the only way from someone on the other side of the planet to see a performance, but  it by no means will replace the real thing.

These three groups are the main areas of financial transfer directly between fans and artists.  These are three products that have been proven to be perfect to list with Chirpify.

In the 80s & 90s independent labels perfected the direct-to-fan experience by including mailorder catalogs in each of their CD’s, cassettes, and records.   I would pin these catalogs all over my bedroom wall.

In the last 15 years the webstore has evolved as the D2F portal for artists to sell items to their audience.  The advantage is artists make a larger margin on the product (no middle men) and control the fan experience.

At Chirpify we’ve now made it easier than ever for artists to sell directly to their fans.  For fans we’ve created the simplest and fastest way ever to purchase an item directly from an artist.

As an artist you want to make it as simple as possible for your fan to buy an item, be it music, merchandise, tickets, etc. and this is exactly what chirpify does.  Chirpify is the simplest way for anyone to buy anything. Fans can buy any of these items while on their mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Giving yours fans the experience to buy from your Twitter or Instagram is faster and easier than directing your fans to to go yet another website and proceed through yet another check-out process.  A fan replies/comments one three letter word (buy), the money flows immediately to the seller (no waiting 2 weeks or a month to get paid), and the customer receives a receipt immediately and/or a gated download link.

When you sell an item via Chirpify rather than post/tweet a link to buy elsewhere you will sell more items i.e. see higher conversion rates.  Selling via Chirpify has also been proven to increase your follower count and sale tweets have higher engagement rates than even promoted tweets.

In addition you see the benefits that direct-to-fan sales always see – higher margins – meaning more money in your pocket than from iTunes.

I’ve spent the last 15 years helping artists sell millions of recordings and I’m passionate about helping artists make more money.

Chirpify  has helped hundreds of artists to sell in social and we’d love to help you too.  Sign up for a basic account today or let us know if you require our Enterprise features.