The Engagement Engine

Don’t just listen to social – respond and reward

Chirpify enables social marketers to listen, respond, engage, and reward consumers based on campaign rules that they define.
The result is 1:1 conversational engagement at scale, organic (not paid!) earned media, and more happier followers.

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Engagement Engine

Listen for social media and messaging actions, topics and conversations, and automate or moderate smart responses, rewards, and content back.

Define and listen for triggers such as photos, hashtags, keywords, topics, likes, video views, pins, comments, links, sharing, check-ins, geo-posts, and more on
Automate or moderate smart responses and digital content based on campaign and user criteria back to consumers in their native language over the same channels they posted on
Rules Engine
Define and apply rules for rewards economy, geofencing, frequency, influence and more
Increase Organic Engagement
Give consumers a reason to engage with your brand and share brand content
Offline to Online Conversion
Connect offline media like television, events and in-store calls-to-action to conversion using social
Enriched Data
Tie social identity, demographics, and other first party data, to email in CRM and marketing databases
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How It Works

Define Rules

Chirpify’s rules and response engine gives you complete control over your campaign.

Geo-fencing – Respond to people in a specific location

Frequency – Respond to people based on engagement frequency

Influence – Respond to people differently based on their influence

UGC Quality – Respond to people differently based on post quality

Promote & Listen

Advertise calls-to-action anywhere or mine social data for topics and conversations

Listen and respond to people posting certain keywords and topics

Post #hashtag to get a link

Share link to get a promo code

Post a photo to get a sneak peek

Tag a friend to enter the contest

Share post to get a reminder

Post from location to earn points

Automate or Moderate

Chirpify responds from your brand’s handle with copy, content, or reward, or you can review posts before choosing your response.

Responses can be…

In a user’s native language

Public comments or private direct messages

Randomized or differentiated based on campaign or user criteria

Case Studies

Avocados From Mexico

See how Avocados From Mexico activated their Superbowl commercial with Chirpify

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See how Marriott used Chirpify to geo-fence and send free concert tickets via direct messages to SXSW attendees

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See how Walmart automated contest entries with Spanish language translation during the Copa America tournament

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