A better experience

Chirpify enables brands and consumers to convert on marketing calls-to-action at venues using social media as the remote control. The result is a great consumer experience, organic social engagement, and valuable data collection for the brand.

Use Chirpify to…

Instantly reward brand advocacy

Instantly respond to and reward consumers who share content from your event.

Convert marketing calls-to-action

Enable consumers to enter contests, get swag, discounts, samples instantly.

In order to drive…

Organic Engagement

Friends and followers see when event attendees participate.

Experience & Data

Give consumers a great experience while you collect emails and social identities.

Step 1

Consumer responds to call-to-action using social

Post a photo to enter contest

Check in for 10 points

Post from location for reward

Tweet #Brandtag to get 10% off

Step 2

Chirpify automates a social response from the brand’s handle to the consumer instantly

The response contains a url for the consumer to complete their transaction. The completion occurs on a white labelled landing page entirely branded to your brand.

If the consumer was already registered in the system they won’t receive a social response and don’t need to register, the conversion happens instantly and they receive an instant email from the brand.

Step 3

Consumer completes transaction

After a consumer logs in with their social handle to verify their identity Chirpify automates sending them an email from the brand. The email copy and design can all be customized.

The consumers data is now stored in your dashboard. The next time they set off a trigger they don’t need to go through the registration flow. Conversion happens instantly.

Measure Participation

Know more about event attendees.


Social Identities