Features: A Couple Updates

Adding Quantity to Instagram Listings

We’ve recently enabled the ability to add quantities directly from your Instagram listing. Now, when you’re creating a listing on Instagram, which you can learn how to do so here, you can also add the quantity into the caption.

Once you’ve uploaded the image and caption for the Instagram listing, you add $amount #instasale q(quantity available) to the end of the caption. For example, if you have 7 pairs of boots available for sale you would type “$amount #instasale q7″

Once you’ve refreshed the listing, you’ll notice the appended caption has changed to say “There are 7 of these”

If you’re quantity is unlimited you would type “$amount #instasale qX”

You’ll notice that the appended caption won’t mention quantity if you’re amount is set to unlimited. That is exactly what you should see.

P2P Payment Receipts

In other update news, you’ll notice the receipts on your dashboard now indicate peer to peer payments that have been sent or received as well as sales and donations receipts.