Announcing Geo-Fenced Social Media Rewards. Send the right reward or offer at the right moment – when customers are in your location.

Location, Location, Location!

Chirpify has enabled location check-in rewards for Facebook since early this year, but we’re excited to announce that Instagram and Twitter check-ins and geo-fencing are now ready to be activated!

Brands like Marriott, Adidas, and Bahama Breeze have used Chirpify’s location triggers to bring engagement directly into their hotels, stores and restaurants. With in-venue calls to action they’ve tapped into the behavior their customers were already eager to act on by giving valuable in store discounts, branded swag, and other exciting rewards. Attention from consumers can be fleeting, but they’re engaged when they’re physically in your business. Chirpify enhances this engagement by delivering the right reward or offer at the right moment.

Finally, that engagement leads directly to a powerful combination: activated consumers registered with your loyalty program who are armed with incentives to make a return trip.

Brands have been using us to convert social media actions to rewards at scale. Now we’re ready to bring that level of engagement to right where your customers are standing across the three biggest social channels. Using Chirpify as a remote control for social loyalty, you can now reward loyalty in venue when your members post a Tweet in your location, or tag a location on your Instagram post.


With Twitter leveraging Foursquare locations and Instagram taking advantage of Facebook Places you are saved the work of defining the places you want to activate and already have a wealth of information about what locations are drawing check-ins from loyal customers. All you need to do is define your reward and activate the campaign, and immediately your activated users will start to receive a very pleasant surprise the next time they check-in, or post from the specific location you define.


Don’t have a particular predefined place in mind? Our Twitter location check-ins can support geo-fencing as well as Foursquare provided locations. Want to activate check-ins to a particular city for local event? A set of coordinates for a music festival? How about rewarding people for visiting particular neighborhoods? If you’ve got the coordinates we can activate that space and start delivering rewards inside it.

Platform Parity

Our engineers have worked hard to bring parity across our three supported platforms, and now activated users check-in on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can all start being recognized for their loyalty. Their entries are carefully managed by the Chirpify rules engine for frequency and other safeguards, and their rewards are delivered instantly.


Rewards can be pre-defined per location, and are delivered to consumers instantly when they post from your pre-defined location, or check-in on one of the social platforms.


Along with the ability to reward consumers instantly while they’re inside your location, Chirpify analytics also tracks campaign performance, and enables you to export profile and conversion data by location. This data can also be streamed into your CRM in real-time.

Your customers are checking into locations, letting everyone know where they are and where they’ve been, but maybe it’s time you rewarded them with something more impactful than a badge on an app.