After months of building, we’re excited to finally talk about Subfund!

Some time ago, we invented social media payments so brands could monetize the audience they invested so much time and money building.

Since then, content creators have also built up large audiences, and are looking for ways to monetize on social. This is why we built Subfund.

Subfund enables you to DM your best content to paying subscribers.

Subfund is for journalists, stock traders, fashionistas, YouTubers, musicians, bloggers, communities, newspapers, influencers, twitchers, cookie bakers, etcetera. If you create great content and want to monetize it by enabling people to subscribe to your best, early, or private content, Subfund is for you.

For creators, creating full-time isn’t a hobby, it’s their livelihood. They’ve spent countless hours and hard earned money to build up an audience with limited ways to monetize on social.

The passion economy is in full swing, but creator platforms are separate from social platforms. Subfund enables creators to create content in one place and distribute it across multiple DM channels at once. Since DM is not beholden to the algorithm, creators can be sure their subscribers will see it. Creators that use other platforms like Patreon, Substack, Medium etc can also use Subfund to distribute the content they create there.

We’re especially excited to see how people use Subfund as a real-time content distribution platform. DMs are the most real-time medium, and we’ve purposefully kept post creation minimal, mobile, and speedy with this in mind.

While DMs are the main attraction, you can also email posts to subscribers, and Subfund hosts posts on your creator page that only subscribers can view.

Subfund only makes money when you do. We keep 10%, and give creators 90% of subscription revenue. Creators pay ZERO payment processing fees.

We’re currently in private beta, moving deliberately to be thoughtful about how the platform can best serve the creators and subscribers that use it.

Creators can apply to be first on the platform here.