adidas is leveraging Chirpify for loyalty, but they’re doing it in a very unique and intelligent way – at the micro-local level. This makes perfect sense because consumers are loyal to a brand, but in retail they’re also loyal to store location.

More specifically, adidas is using local loyalty to accomplish the following:

  1. Launch new stores
  2. Create in-store conversion opportunities
  3. Acquire data about local customers
  4. Increase earned media

Here’s how they’re doing it…

adidas is leveraging social media as the remote control for marketing conversion, connecting social media to loyalty and rewards.

When adidas launches a new store there is signage on barricades outside instructing a consumer how to register for their local loyalty program. These new VIP members will get alerts when the store launches, and be ready for frictionless conversions in-store.


In existing stores adidas uses hand outs during the checkout experience. These handouts have calls-to-action instructing a consumer how to earn rewards by simply posting the right hashtags, or checking-in at the store.


When a consumer sets off one of adidas’s social triggers, Chirpify’s white label platform automates rules, responses, and rewards back to that consumer instantly. There are no forms, redirects or frictions. Transactions happen instantly. Chirpify also automates analytics about local customers, giving adidas valuable data on who their customers are specific to certain stores, as well as conversion data tied to their social identities across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for effective segmentation and re-marketing.

The benefits of using social media as the remote control are not to be understated – It’s mobile, because everyone has a social media account installed on their phone, with them at all times. It’s frictionless, because conversion happens with a single post. And, it’s data rich, with social identity tied to conversion and location.


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