We’ve been building Chatbots on social media since 2011. Since then our bots have grown ever more intelligent, with the ability to deliver the right message and reward, at the right time, on the right channel.

Some examples of Chirpify platform Chatbot functionality include responding differently, and delivering different rewards and marketing outcomes, based on complex rules such as a user’s geolocation. Frequency rules governing how often consumers can engage, or how many times they must engage. Rules to govern rewards like points, promo codes, contest entries, and reminders. Moderation and blacklisting to prevent bad human actors. Our bot will respond in a user’s native language. The bots can reply differently based on user and campaign criteria so that members of a loyalty program will receive different responses than non-members. Messages and rewards can be differentiated based on membership tier, influencer level, time of day, status of a member, language, campaign parameters, and more. And all messages and rewards can be delivered by your brand over public reply or direct message.

You get the idea, these are just not conversational bots, these actually deliver rewards to consumers, collect consumer data, and connect engagement to real business systems producing real business outcomes.

We wanted to highlight an interesting use case that some of our customers are doing – Trivia games! Using Natural Language Processing, our bots are able to differentiate between right and wrong answers to questions posed by brands, delivering different responses and rewards based on these answers. Let’s take a recent campaign from Marriott and the NFL.

Every Sunday Marriott and the NFL have been asking people trivia questions during NFL games. People who answer the questions correctly earn Marriott Rewards points inside their Marriott Rewards account. Behind the scenes Chirpify’s platform is checking multiple different criteria instantly before responding and rewarding. The first check is to see if they answered the questions correctly. The bot can interpret answers in multiple languages and also check for common misspellings.

The second check is to verify whether a Twitter user is a member of Marriott Rewards and has connected their Twitter account to their Marriott account. Our integrated Bot can look up, add, and edit members. If they are not yet a member, the chatbot will invite them to join. Chirpify’s platform even provides the mobile landing page for consumers to connect. Responding differently based on member status provides valuable member acquisition for brands.

If they are a member, the bot will check to make sure they have to exceeded their points limits and will issue Marriott Rewards points inside their Marriott Rewards account. The exact point total can differ based on tier, influence, or other campaign criteria.

All participation is tracked by Chirpify’s platform as well, delivering valuable data inside our CRM system, and pushing into our client’s systems of record.

As you can see, complex games can be designed that can engage consumers at scale, responding to hundreds of thousands of consumers at once based on complex logic. When you weigh this type of organic engagement vs an ad buy, our brands know that this is a better way to create more active, engaged, and loyal customers. Brands like Marriott, who have been using our Chatbot for years understand the power, and the ROI, of organic engagement at scale.