IQ Trivia

According to TriviaTrckr, there are a lot of trivia games out there. In our office we love playing Trivia. However, most games require a dedicated mobile app. That’s why we’ve built @IQTrivia!

With IQ Trivia, people play simultaneously against others from all over the world. While the trivia questions are written by humans, the rest of the game is run by our chatbot engine, automatically tweeting out questions, collecting answers, responding instantly whether you got it right or wrong, results from all players after each question, and calculating a player’s IQ score. We thought there should be a more social way to play, so we made @IQTrivia to be a real-time massive multiplayer trivia game where people from all over the world compete for cash money, IQ score, and prizes from brands played every weekday entirely on Twitter!

There were many challenges in building a massive multiplayer game on Twitter, not the least of which is how to scale up the application to process questions, track answers, and post results in real-time every 60 seconds so all players are synced up. The most challenging, and rewarding, part of the project was designing the user experience. We wanted a game that was, above all else, easy and fun to play. We designed the game to be very responsive, letting you know in real-time if you got an answer right or wrong, as well as showing you all the other answers people chose, while also being witty and amusing, sending direct message responses with random humorous animated gifs. The bot is even a wise ass sometimes.

Beyond a cash prize, we also provide an extra incentive for people to play – improving their IQ score! IQ Trivia’s IQ score is a way for players to see and compare their performance against other players. The score is just like an intelligence quotient, based on the number of questions you get right/wrong, as well as how many questions you’ve answered, and is weighted against all other player’s scores. The bot also sends back your game stats along with your score. To check your up to date IQ score and game stats just DM the word IQ.

Join in the fun and play every weekday at 12:30 PM PST! You may even win some cash money!