Lady Gaga Case Study



Lady Gaga utilized Chirpify for direct commerce on social– enabling in-stream commerce to drive pre-orders of Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP bundle to her fans via Facebook. Fans who were interested and wanted to buy the product just commented #Buy on the post and received direct details for how to finish their transaction.

Campaign Results:

  • The single post created 60.12 million potential impressions with 1,349 shares, 52,075 likes, 1553 Comments

  • There were 6495 actions of consumers landing on the campaign page with 60 completed transactions of $60 

  • Although Gaga only posted on Facebook her fans also moved the conversation to Twitter, creating 72,650 additional impressions using the hashtags #buy #ARTPOP.


The bundled package had already been in market, and on Lady Gaga’s social pages, for over 2 months. The Chirpify campaign successfully created new excitement around the existing package. Social media has been a proven channel for commerce as 60 people completed the $60 purchase with a few clicks.