LPGA Grow Girls Golf Case Study


LPGA Case Study

The Founder’s Cup is an annual tournament that raises funds for Girls Golf Foundation. The LPGA layered on a Chirpify campaign to the typical donation methods as a way to add social giving to the list of ways people could donate to the cause. By simply posting the hashtags #Donate #GrowGirlsGolf or retweeting the brand or influencers, they would immediately get a response back with a link to complete their donation. 

Campaign Results:

  • 1.625 million impressions and earned media awareness.

  • Conversions rates remained at 15% higher than typical social donation.

  • Up to 30Xs the follower acquisition per day then typical rates for their Twitter handle.

Chirpify Benefits:

Chirpify allows users to respond and participate in social media no matter where they see a call-to-action. It opened up a whole new channel for the Foundation’s cause and allowed users to donate money within social and not a complicated micro-site no matter where they saw the donation instructions throughout the event. The added benefit of also collecting data of those who participated to compile for future donation campaign promotions.