Social media marketers are often one-dimensional in their strategy, thinking only in terms of posting branded content, and promoting said content in a media buy. What they overlook is that social can, and should be, used for relationship and loyalty building, as well as a direct response channel. One of the best tactics towards achieving positive results in this strategy is to treat social channels more like email, in which consumers opt-in to one-to-one marketing, and your brand delivers quality personalized content directly to them at the right moments.

While we enable marketing automation across multiple social platforms, the best platform for this type of engagement is Twitter. Unlike most all other platforms, Twitter enables two-way communication via both public @reply and private DM without there being an existing relationship.

Here are a few great examples on Twitter of consumers opting in to social media marketing automation…

Subscribing to Twitter marketing automation

In the above example fans are prompted to like a tweet to subscribe to personalized updates. Then, every Sunday @WestworldHBO pushes content directly to each subscriber.

Pushing content and rewards to subscribers based on CRM data

In the above example @MarriottRewards is pushing Marriott Rewards Points to those that have opt-ed into their social media loyalty program. The point totals, imagery, and copy are all dynamic and differentiated based on what tier level the consumer is who receives the Tweet. The points are automatically deposited to members accounts. So, when it is the day of a member’s loyalty anniversary, a surprise and delight Tweet is automatically delivered to them with a personalized message and reward.

To enable this type of social media marketing automation brands need a “MailChimp for Twitter“. An engine that enables the following features:

    • Listening engine for activities such as keywords, hashtags, likes, retweets, follows, replies, with natural language processing
    • Chatbot functionality to respond to consumers differently based on campaign, crm, natural language, and user data
    • Rules engine to control for content, rewards currencies, geo-fencing, response frequency, and more
    • Content and rewards delivery system
    • Member opt-in/opt-out functionality
    • Social CRM to gather, filter, sort, and manage members
    • Software that can scale to respond instantly to millions of consumers simultaneously
    • Analytics engine to measure effectiveness

Yes, that is a high level list of Chirpify’s platform.

Once brands have access to all these features, it becomes clear that the strategy of spray and pray media buying is unintelligent by comparison. Direct one-to-one marketing at scale, delivering the right message, the right content, at the right time, is a much more compelling reason for consumers to engage with your brand, and enables your brand to measure ROI, and deliver personalized content to millions of consumers driving billions of organic impressions, deeper loyalty, and increased sales.

Let’s chat about how we can enable this for your brand.