Marriott Rewards Fans with NCAA March Madness Tickets


As part of the hotelier’s engagement loyalty program, Marriott and Chirpify are teaming up once again to present Marriott’s latest reward offering – the NCAA March Madness Sweepstakes. Marriott Rewards members have a chance to win two tickets to one game in the 2017 NCAA Tournament now through the Sweet 16 by simply retweeting Marriott’s promotional message. That’s 11 cities, 19 games, and 19 winners. Chirpify’s platform manages social listening, instant automated responses based on rules limits, member and social data, and rewards and email delivery.

Chirpify’s engagement loyalty platform is making all this possible. Its engine listens in the background, looking for specific criteria–in this case the hashtag triggers #NCAA, #promo and #MRx followed by the consumer’s desired destination. If the fan is already enrolled in Marriott’s Engagement Loyalty Program, #MRpoints, the fan will automatically be entered into the sweepstakes. If not already enrolled, they receive a reply tweet directing them to enroll. In either case, guests have the opportunity to win tickets to some of the hottest sporting events of the year, and Marriott wins a loyal social media following that results in higher spend and customer acquisition rates.

Consumers across all markets and industries have a mobile remote control in their hand and they want to use it for convenience and instant gratification. Consumers hang out, bank, shop, and book travel online, and it makes sense to meet and interact with them there as well. Enter Chirpify, the driving force behind engagement loyalty to achieve greater brand engagement, participation, and advocacy. Social media channels are an integral component of Chirpify’s loyalty engagement platform, which has a proven record of providing utility to consumers, engaging them in the moment, and increasing brand loyalty and, ultimately, spend.

Marriott understands the tremendous benefits of using social media to effect engagement loyalty and to surprise and delight its guests, and this isn’t the first time it has capitalized on a major national event to generate buzz and social loyalty for its brand. For example, its #50to50 campaign during Super Bowl 50 underscored the hotel’s understanding of its customers’ desires to interact with the company on their mobile devices. And, Marriott scored again with its #WithTheBand campaign where, using geofencing technology the hotel was able to surprise and delight its customers with highly targeted and highly relevant interactions centered around the SXSW concert in Austin, TX.

Chirpify has worked with Marriott and many other companies to proactively and successfully engage customers beyond traditional loyalty programs, effectively modernizing their approach to customer loyalty. Contact us here for more information and a tailored assessment on how we can help your company. And for ongoing engagement loyalty use cases and industry analysis, please sign up to receive our blog.