So far we have talked about how to convert customers from traditional advertisements within social media. We saw how Ariana Grande allowed Time’s Square pedestrians to instantly download a preview of her newest song, and how TaylorMade gave viewers of the PGA tour a chance to win their newest golf club from their living room couch.

For our last post, we explore how in-venue clients are using real-time Actiontags to allow concert goers a seat upgrade straight from their mobile device. Not only does this create an easy experience for users but it allows sponsors within all arenas (concerts, sports, etc) to display their message and enable consumers to complete a call-to action.

How it works:


Another great example of cross-channel marketing conversion highlights a concert series, or what we call “in venue” conversion. Rascal Flatts and Jason Aldean are using Chirpify live in concerts to offer seat upgrades. When fans enter a show, a promotion for a free seat upgrade is displayed on the big screen. To have a chance to upgrade all fans have to do is Tweet #Enter and one of their branded hashtags, #BurnItDownTour or #Rewind. Chirpify automates the artist account to respond for conversion and the consumer’s info is shipped to the band’s CRM.


This allows musicians and their record label to keep tabs and create profiles for those who are attending their concerts This also opens up the door to  retarget them later with merchandise and information about future shows.

By allowing your potential customers to ask, opt-in and receive access to a wide variety of information  at a moments notice is crucial for continuing them down the purchase funnel. Seeing successes from digital initiatives that lead to new customers (who are willing to give information in exchange for a product or service) allows brands to build databases of consumers who want to hear from them. By reaching consumers through their mobile devices within apps that they are most familiar, brands are realizing the value social media conversion can have on their business. Stay tuned for more activations to come!

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