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Loyalty programs that don’t work on social will continue to decline. Don’t take our word for it though…

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Time spent online – Comscore 2016

Time spent online – Comscore 2016

Social media is where your customers spend the majority of their time. If your loyalty program doesn’t work there (meaning you can’t listen for, engage, and reward, social actions and brand advocacy) then you’re ignoring the one place your customers spend most of their time.

Social Media – 29%

Other – 23%

News – 15%

Games – 11%

Multimedia – 6%

Messaging – 6%

Music – 4%

Retail – 3%

Radio – 3%

Industry Experts

“Today’s consumers recognize there is greater value in their time, attention, and their social media footprint, and expect to be rewarded accordingly for that.” – Thom Kozik, Vice President of Loyalty, Marriott

“Email’s effectiveness is declining – In fact, millennials ignore it entirely” – MarketingLand

“85% of consumers say they’d spend more with a brand who rewarded for activities other than spend” – Loyalty 360

“Soon, all online activity, time, and attention will be spent on social” – Adage

Still not convinced?

One of the most frequent questions we field when discussing the power of engagement loyalty is around quantifying its impact – not in terms of vanity metrics such as Likes, but to the loyalty program as a whole, and even more broadly to the business.

Now one of our customers has answered that question for us.

In this white paper we will walk you through the results of this recent ROI study conducted by a retail brand using the Chirpify platform for engagement loyalty.

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