Chirpify powers in-stream donations for MasterCard #DoGood

We’re delighted to announce that Chirpify has partnered with MasterCard to offer the first-ever hashtag donation campaign with in-stream giving.


Chirpify is powering Mastercard’s Dig In & Do Good campaign, which launched today in support of Stand Up To Cancer.  Mastercard programs have raised more than $12 million to date for the celebrity-sponsored charity.

In addition to social donations, MasterCard customers can also raise money for the cause simply by spending $10 or more when they dine out – or even order in – and choose to pay with their MasterCard.


Enabling #Hashtag Donations

MasterCard’s campaign centers around the #DoGood hashtag, which Chirpify has ‘activated’ to allow anyone to donate directly to the cause – simply by posting or replying with #DoGood and “donate” on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Thanks to the power of hashtags, people can donate instantly – on any social platform – even if they saw the campaign on a billboard or advertisement.  Using hashtags, Chirpify gives advertisers the power to drive social conversions from any channel.

Feeling inspired ? You can donate right now!

Tweet to Donate

Beyond PayPal – Introducing @Chirpify Direct Payment Processing

Chirpify is the only way to buy, sell, donate and pay directly in-stream on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And now, we’re giving you many more options to send and accept those payments.

Starting today Chirpify members can now accept domestic and international credit and debit cards, as well as send and accept ACH (Bank Account) payments, directly in-stream with a single comment. Previously, Chirpify exclusively enabled in-stream payments via PayPal. By expanding our payments capabilities we’re not only providing more optionality, but also eliminating the need for additional PayPal fees. Our goal is to provide a unified wallet that enables the most frictionless way to send and receive payments anywhere.

Update your payment options

Get Real Paid

Accept payments directly to your ACH bank account or PayPal.

Sellers » Funds available every two weeks. Minimum of $10 to withdraw.

Fundraisers » Funds available every two weeks. Minimum of $10 to withdraw.

p2p Payments » Funds available every two weeks. Minimum of $10 to withdraw.

U.S. bank account required for ACH payouts. We cover the transfer fees for both ACH and PayPal payouts.


We’re keeping it simple. We only make money when you do.

Enterprise » 2.9% + .30¢ per transaction

Basic » 5% + .30¢ per transaction


Pay from your ACH Bank Account, Credit/Debit Card or PayPal account.

Buyers » Comment “buy” on any listing on social media to instantly purchase.

Fundraisers » Comment “donate” on any fundraiser on social media to instantly give.

p2p Payments » Tweet hashtag #chirpify, an amount, and the @username(s) to pay.


There is no fee to buy, donate or pay using Chirpify.

Misty Mountain Hop

This morning 6 of our Chirpify employees spent time on Mt. Tabor helping out the Parks & Rec crew. We figured after a few solid nice weather days in a row it would be a good time to get outside and help keep Portland Pretty. Despite the familiar grey clouds, the team met at 10am to get down to it. Allow us introduce ourselves:

The Team: Greg, Evan, Todd, Sarah, Neal, and Heath


Social Media, Advertising and The Attribution Solution

For years businesses have been advertising on Social Media, posting links to traditional e-commerce landing pages, and hoping people leave the conversation, traverse a laborious checkout process, and eventually buy. We’ve already discussed how conversion percentage suffers as a result of attention redirection and friction. However, the other elephant in the advertising room is social attribution: There is none.

The Chasm

Not only do consumers, and conversions, drop off when trying to traverse attention redirection, but sales data does not cross the chasm that exists between the social media platform and the e-commerce platform. Twitter and other Social Platforms aren’t downstream, and have no insight into what happens there. E-commerce platforms are downstream but are disconnected up, and feed on the dumb data that trickles down. The result is the marketers dilemma: A brand marketer can tell you how much traffic they’re getting from specific social media post, but this data is valueless. What they can’t tell you is which Twitter account purchased which product. Facebook has made a push rolling out both a self-serve user ID matching system and cookie-dropping ads. However, these tags don’t track purchases that were made by fans, or inspired by owned (page posts) or earned (word of mouth) media on Facebook. Also, they require additional work and connections just to get to the dumb data. Instagram, well… there are no links in Instagram. But, who needs links when a single comment “buy” makes a payment? Other services that enable you to post short links to quick checkouts improve user experience, but short links are useless for attribution, as well as a blunt tool on conversion.

Attribution Solution

With Chirpify there is no chasm. The social platform IS the e-commerce platform. Thus, sales data is as baked in as the payment. With Chirpify, not only does marketing convert instantly in-stream, but as a brand manager you can report with accuracy conversion percentage, and enjoy full attribution: Social identity tied to sales and future purchase intent. Further, since we enable in-stream commerce and payments on the top three social media platforms, the data is social media platform agnostic.

Find out more

Announcing ChirpCog™. Pay anyone for anything – just by thinking about it.

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We’ve heard from our users that while sending and accepting payments with one comment is easy, it could be made even simpler. Well, today we’re more than excited to announce ChirpCog™, the only application that enables you to accept and make payments just by thinking about them.

Here’s how it works…

First, you register with Chirpify. If you’re already a member we’ll ask you for one more bit if information: Your DNA. Giving Chirpify access to your deoxyribonucleic acid is easy with ChirpCog™. You simply insert a strand of hair into your USB port. Once the hair is inside click the “map me” button. Our R&D Lab has come up with an ingenuous way to map your DNA to your thought patterns. And, since it’s DNA, you can rest assured your transactions will be unique, and secure.

Once your DNA is mapped, transacting is as easy as finding a quiet spot in your house and thinking about who you’d like to pay. Don’t worry if that person doesn’t have a Chirpify account, we’ll telepathically alert them about the payment waiting for them. Once they scan their DNA, the transaction will process.

While requiring deeper concentration, ChirpCog™ also works for accepting payments. Just thinking about the money you’d like to have is enough to make it happen. Payment is securely transferred into your account instantly.

While the system is a huge step in realizing the dream of thoughtless commerce, we realize ChirpCog™ still requires you to think. Please know that we’re working hard to eliminate that step. – Chris Teso, CEO.

ChirpCog™ API available soon. Maybe next April fools.

Real-Time Fulfillment Data

A simple solution to seamlessly connect in-stream social media transactions to your back office fulfillment and crm tools.

To help enterprise clients manage inventory in real-time as sales occur, we’ve created a Webhook that will automatically send out a text-based notification about a sale to a pre-specified web address on your server. This feature will be helpful in a variety of sales or fundraiser scenarios and enables you to update fulfillment, inventory and other databases on the fly. Communication from the Webhook is encrypted and sent directly to your web server.

The real-time webhook data package includes information about the seller, the buyer, and the particular transaction. We include seller information because clients using our umbrella accounts may have to keep track of sales from multiple channels. The Webhook message comes packaged as JSON.

To enable this feature you only have to do two things:

  1. Create a public-facing POST listener that can consume the realtime updates. Data will come from Chirpify in the form of a JSON message.
  2. Provide Chirpify with the URL of the POST listener. The Realtime Webhook supports both http and https, but Chirpify suggests your POST listener runs on https.

Thanks, and as usual, let us know what other features you want from Chirpify.

In-Stream Facebook Commerce Is Here

Twitter, Instagram, and now In-stream Facebook Commerce

Along with Twitter & Instagram, our brands, merchants, record labels and individual members have asked us for Facebook integration. The Chirp abides. We we’ve added Facebook commerce to our in-stream transaction capabilities.

New Members Selling In-Stream

We’re not the only ones excited about this. We’d like to welcome the following new members to the Chirpify nest. Some of these new members have already launched with us on Facebook, and now we’re opening Facebook Commerce up to everyone.

In-stream = In News Feed

Along with Twitter and Instagram, Chirpify now enables anyone to sell, fundraise and pay directly within the Facebook News Feed simply by commenting with the words “buy” or “donate”. This means that sellers can now list once on Chirpify, and distribute their listings across the three top social media platforms, where consumers can purchase or donate without ever leaving the conversation. We’re the only platform that enables in-stream payments and commerce across the social web.

Brand Pages

In-stream commerce not only works directly in a consumer’s news feed, but also directly within a brand page. So, both businesses and individual members can take advantage of selling in-stream.

“By expanding Chirpify to the top three major social media sites, we’ve created the only social commerce platform that enables businesses to list and distribute products to each social media platform, and consumers to purchase in-stream on each without ever leaving,” said Chirpify CEO Chris Teso. “We are excited that businesses like Adidas sought us out to develop frictionless commerce for Facebook.”

Transaction Types

We’ve enabled Facebook in-stream transactions for giveaways, physical and digital commerce, and fundraising for non-profits.

Transactional Processing

Similar to Instagram and Twitter, if a member of Chirpify comments on your listing with the words “buy”, “donate”, or “gimme”, the transaction will process instantly without any other steps. Both buyer and seller will receive receipts and fulfillment data. If someone comments to your Chirpify listing and they aren’t a Chirpify member, we’ll automatically reply to them on Facebook with a link to complete their transaction.

Get Started

If you’re already a member, you can connect your Facebook profile or page in the Social Streams tab of your Dashboard. If you’re not a member, you can sign up using Facebook.
Connect your Facebook


New Feature: Custom Receipts

By popular demand we’ve enabled every Chirpify member to add custom messages to their listing receipts. Whenever someone purchases your listing, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or your Chirpify Web Store, they will get the custom message sent to them in their receipt over email. Custom receipts also work for fundraisers as well.

Custom receipts can be used to send your customers more information about the product they purchased, support information or a simple personalized message thanking them. To add custom receipt text, just select it from the meta data drop-down when you create a listing.

We’ll be rolling out many more small features to help you sell in-stream across the social web.

Have something specific in mind? Let us know what you want.

The Art of the Ask

Amanda Palmer recently spoke at the TED conference in Long Beach, CA about ‘The Art of the Ask’ and I thought it was brilliant.  I have many friends who are artists – musicians, painters, furniture producers, etc – and a handful of them have concerned themselves with ‘the ask.’ They are concerned with how they appear when they ask a fan to pay for their art, music, merchandise or experiences (physical or metaphysical).  Amanda eloquently puts it in her talk: It’s time we stop asking how we make people pay for music and start asking how do we let people pay for music.  This theory applies beyond music to all creative media.

In a similar context there’s the bottled water argument. If you make it easier for someone to consume an otherwise-free item or product (recording music, visual art, printed words, etc.) people will open their wallets.  At Chirpify we’re acting upon this theory and making it as easy as possible for someone to purchase an item that in some instances (recorded music) could otherwise be free.

We also second Amanda’s proposition that one should not be afraid to ‘fall into the arms of their audience’ and let them carry you.

Let Chirpify enable you to sell and engage directly with your audience on social media. Don’t be afraid of ‘the ask,’ your art is worth it.

Rory Felton, VP Music & Entertainment

Social Commerce » not just for micro-transactions

A common misconception is that Social Commerce may work for micro-transactions, but consumers will never spend real money over social. As you can see below, this is clearly not the case. Not only can social media drive high value ticket sales, but we’ve taken it a step further, proving that people are willing to purchase these items with a single comment, without any cart, traditional checkout process or confirmation. This is not advertising, it’s in-stream, no-click, conversational commerce.

Adidas’s $333.00 in-stream Facebook & Twitter sale