By The Numbers: Fueled By Ramen & Amanda Palmer

We’ve been pretty busy over here at Chirpify lately- Amanda Palmer, Fueled By Ramen, and Blood on the Dance Floor all in the same week. The numbers have confirmed and validated our ideas about in-stream, social commerce vs. traditional social advertising.

Amanda Palmer decided to sell a shirt via Chirpify this week. 320 people replied “buy” in a 48 hour period of time, generating over $6,000 in potential revenue for her – all from one tweet. Her total conversion rate for the stretch of time was 4%. If you added the RTs, Favorites, and Replies together her engagement rate was well over 5%, or 4 times better than Twitter’s promoted products.

Fueled By Ramen launched a compilation giveaway last week. Over 1200 people replied “gimme” and after RTs, Favorites and Mentions they experience a whopping 6.6% engagement rate. One of the best numbers we saw with this campaign was that @fueledbyramen added 338 new people their first day of the campaign. Up until that point, they were averaging about 30 new followers per day.

All-in-all, we’ve exceeded our goals with these campaigns because they were truly social commerce: In-stream, conversational, frictioness.

If people can’t buy it in-stream on social networks it’s not social commerce. It’s advertising.

Feel free to check out infographics for both campaigns below!

  • Herbert

    can i start to sell urine stained boxers online with your service?  seems like there would be a good market for that on twitter