Announcing in-stream commerce on Instagram

Welcome back, Chirps!

The Chirpify team has been head down and focused on building the 2nd version of our site as of late! We have a bunch of BIG new features, smaller useful perks and even a few aspects that make us prettier. We’re really excited to announce this version and hope you enjoy the new features!

Sell Directly in-stream on Instagram – #InstaSale

Yep, you read that right. With the new version of Chirpify, you can buy and sell items from both Twitter AND Instagram! We’re really excited for this new product as we see tons of growth and potential on the Instagram platform, so it was a perfect fit.

The sales cycle is still 100% in-stream and will work similarly to the current Twitter sales process- seller creates a listing (find out how here), excited buyer comments on listing with “buy”, transaction is complete! No shopping cart, no checkout, just conversational commerce. Like we always say, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

If you’re a Chirpify seller and want to start listing items for sale on Instagram, go here and read up for instructions! In order to buy on Instagram, you will need to authorize the application from the new Social Accounts section on your Chirpify Dashboard.

Launch partners

We’re also excited to launch the new Chirpify with a few really cool launch partners! Be sure to follow them on Instagram so you can watch the sales go live in the coming days!


Redesigned Chirpify Dashboard

If you log in to your Chirpify account, you’ll notice that the Chirpify dashboard has gone through a makeover. A complete makeover, in fact. The new dashboard was redesigned to enable Chirpify members to create listings that live both on Twitter AND Instagram. Our user-experience/user-interface overhaul was intended to simplify and allow a more intuitive process of creating and launching deals on Chirpify.

You can now track your receipts and sells/donations separated out by stream. So, you can see how your listing performed on Instagram as well as on Twitter.

The new dashboard is also much more robust allowing members to view their entire transactional history while keeping track of their overall balance of money spent and earned on social media.

To check out the new Chirpify dashboard just login to your Chirpify account!

Homepage Redesign

When we went on our dashboard redesign kick, we decided to overhaul the website too. We hope the new website is easier to navigate.

We’ve also added a snazzy video on the homepage that our good friends at The Brigade helped us produce. We hope by redesigning the homepage and dashboard that we’re creating a more creative, easier to use/understand version of Chirpify for both new and current users. Head over to the homepage and let us know your thoughts!

New Support Option

From day one, we decided that users should be at the heart of what we do- whether experiencing a bug, looking for a little help with your Chirpify listings, or suggesting new features we should implement. To make this process more community-focused, efficient, and organized, we’ve implemented our very own Support Section on the site. You can find it in the footer of the website under FAQ, or by clicking the floating black button at the bottom right of the page.

Feel free to browse articles from our Best Practices, Learn more from our FAQs, and report any bugs to us!