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Direct Payments – Mo’ Easier, Mo’ Privater

We have thousands of people paying each other with one Tweet.

To do this our members just Tweet…

“Pay @friend $X for reason”

We’ve heard your feedback: You wanted an easier, and more private, way to pay friends. So, today we’ve released an update that allows you to pay a friend by mentioning them directly. This way, the payment won’t fill up your followers timelines.

To pay a friend, you now just have to Tweet…

“@friend $X for reason”

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.

Introducing Direct Donations


Thousands of you are already using Direct Payments to…

Buy a friend a beer
Buy a friend a burrito
Pay for Sushi
Pay for a concert ticket

So, we thought you should also be able to donate to your favorite charity, political campaign, or kickstarter the same way.

Introducing Direct Donations

Direct Donations are a way to directly give to other Twitter accounts.

To send a Direct Donation just Tweet in the following format: “Donate $amount to @username for reason”.

Example Direct Donation

As usual both the recipient and the donor will receive a receipt in their dashboard containing all the information about the transaction. Also, don’t worry if the account you’re donating to doesn’t have a Chirpify account. We’ll pick it up anyways and auto-respond to them with a sign up link. When they sign up, your donation will process.

Giving was never so easy! So, go forth and Twive, or Dona-tweet, er Fundtweet? Meh, go give, it feels good!

Chirpify closes $1.3m — Launches Twitter Commerce for Musicians

We’re beyond excited to announce that we’ve closed a series A round of financing from some very intelligent people that believe strongly in what we’re doing. We’re thrilled about the opportunity this affords us to move fast, hire great talent, expand our platform, and maintain a stocked fridge full of delicious Portland microbrews.

We’re also happy to release our digital content solution for musicians and labels, enabling them to control their own distribution, sell concert tickets, and drop their latest mp3 tracks — selling direct to their fans in-stream on Twitter.

Below is the official release. Above are some of the press covering the announcement.

It’s time to scale!

Twitter Payment and Commerce Platform Chirpify Lands Financing from Voyager Capital, CEOs of Hootsuite and Buddy TV, and Former Facebook Executive

Chirpify also launches Twitter Commerce for Digital Content to purchase music and concert tickets directly through Twitter

Portland, Ore. – April 24, 2012 – Chirpify, the Twitter Commerce Platform, today announced it has secured $1.3 million in series A financing. Voyager Capital, angel investor Geoff Entress, BuddyTV CEO Andy Liu, former Facebook executive Rudy Gadre, HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes, and TiE Oregon Angels all contributed to this first round of financing for the company.

“Twitter is a tremendous platform for brands, retailers, politicians, musicians and others to engage fans, yet with more than 140 million users there’s still no way to directly exchange goods and currency,” said Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes. “Chirpify provides a unique approach to fill this void by processing transactions without ever having to leave Twitter.”

In addition to securing funding, Chirpify is launching its new Twitter Commerce for Digital Content platform, a way for musicians to sell and consumers to buy digital content like songs and concert tickets via Twitter. Chirpify’s Twitter commerce platform provides a simple way to turn tweets into transactions, and the new digital content offering extends that same power to any content.

“Chirpify now makes it possible to sell digital content in-stream on Twitter, enabling musicians and artists to sell direct to their fans and control their own distribution,” said Chirpify CEO and Founder Chris Teso. “People already use Twitter to follow the brands, musicians and others they care about, so why can’t they get the latest product or hot new song right through Twitter? Now they can.”

According to Jake Schaefer with Minneapolis hip-hop label Rhymesayers Entertainment,

“Chirpify allows us to deliver digital music and goods to our fans in a way that’s most convenient to them by providing a truly mobile shopping experience.”

How Twitter Commerce for Digital Content Works
Selling and purchasing digital content with Chirpify is easy. Artists simply upload content to their Chirpify dashboard, and click to tweet. Consumers use Chirpify to securely connect their Twitter and PayPal accounts, and once linked reply to the tweet with something as simple as “@favoriteartist buy (insert digital content).” Chirpify then sends a secure download link via direct message and/or email to download that song or other digital content.

More Than Digital Content
Chirpify has solved a huge problem: how to monetize social media. It gives individuals, companies, organizations—anyone—the ability to buy, sell, donate or pay someone with a simple tweet. Because it works anywhere that Twitter does, any user on any mobile device, tablet or computer can use Chirpify to conduct seamless and secure transactions. While Chirpify is a complete commerce platform, it also offers deep integration with existing e-commerce storefronts, including Magento, for back-end fulfillment, listing and transaction management. To use Chirpify, merchants simply click the “list on Twitter” button when drafting an item listing for sale in their e-commerce or Chirpify dashboard. They can also use Chirpify to set the item price, quantity, shipping price and shipping timing. For Chirpify plans and pricing, go to http://chirpify.com/twitter_commerce.

About Chirpify
Chirpify (www.chirpify.com) is a seamless payment system for Twitter commerce. With full integration to PayPal, Chirpify enables businesses to buy, sell, donate and exchange funds on Twitter, turning tweets into immediate transactions. Based in Portland, Oregon, the Chirpify platform is the first social commerce system to offer direct monetization through Twitter. To learn more about Chirpify and begin sending or receiving payments today, visit www.chirpify.com.

download press release

Tweet-a-Beer : A Follow Up

Following up on the wildly successful campaign and app built on top of our API, tenfour posted the above video highlighting the buzz Tweet-a-Beer achieved.

The video serves as a sweet wrap up with detailed stats on exposure, reach, mentions and more. The takeaway here is that social payments, wrapped in a well executed creative campaign, can be extremely viral and powerful.

During the height of SXSW we saw between 2 and 4 beers being sold every minute.

We’re happy to be the engine that powered Tweet-a-Beer. We look forward to powering many other apps. Let us know what you want to build with Chirpify.

Gimme Gimme

Want to give away your latest mp3 track? How about a free E-book?

We already enable you to list and sell physical and digital items in-stream on Twitter. So, we thought you should also be able to give things away, and have the order automatically fulfilled. Well, now you can!

Here’s how it works…

When you create a new listing you can now set the price to $0 to give the item away. Instead of people replying with the word “buy”, your followers reply with “gimme“. When they do, we’ll process the listing. Everything else happens as usual.

If it’s a digital item we’ll auto-respond to the person with a download link. As usual, this link will only work for that Twitter user.

If it’s a physical item, receipts and messages will go out and fulfillment will occur just as if you sold the item.

As always, you’ll see a transaction in your dashboard.

Happy giving!

Announcing ChirpCog™. Pay anyone for anything – just by thinking about it.

image credit

We’ve heard from our users that while sending and accepting payments with one Tweet is easy, it could be made even simpler. Well, today we’re more than excited to announce ChirpCog™, the only application that enables you to accept and make payments just by thinking about them.

Here’s how it works…

First, you register with Chirpify. If you’re already a member we’ll ask you for one more bit if information: Your DNA. Giving Chirpify access to your deoxyribonucleic acid is easy with ChirpCog™. You simply insert a strand of hair into your USB port. Once the hair is inside click the “map me” button. Our R&D Lab has come up with an ingenuous way to map your DNA to your thought patterns. And, since it’s DNA, you can rest assured your transactions will be unique, and secure.

Once your DNA is mapped, transacting is as easy as finding a quiet spot in your house and thinking about who you’d like to pay. Don’t worry if that person doesn’t have a Chirpify account, we’ll telepathically alert them about the payment waiting for them. Once they scan their DNA, the transaction will process.

While requiring deeper concentration, ChirpCog™ also works for accepting payments. Just thinking about the money you’d like to have is enough to make it happen. Payment is securely transferred into your account instantly.

While the system is a huge step in realizing the dream of thoughtless commerce, we realize ChirpCog™ still requires you to think. Please know that we’re working hard to eliminate that step.

ChirpCog™ API available soon.


The first third party application built on top of the Chirpify API has been poured, and it’s brewlicious!

Brewed and bottled by agencies tenfour and Waggener Edstrom, the application enables anyone to buy a friend a beer over Twitter.

Using Chirpify’s Direct Payments, Authentication, and Tweet Publish API’s, tenfour built a mobile beer buying application capable of frictionless, social, real-time transactions.

The app let’s you choose a beer recipient, your favorite pub, and a simple message. The combination of geo-targeting, Twitter, and conversational commerce is very cool and has us fermenting with ideas.

Tenfour digital strategist, @dtwood, had this to say: “tenfour was excited to be the first to build an app on the new API. We’ve been impressed by the commerce platform for our own Tweet-a-Beer app and look forward to monetizing our client’s future social campaigns. Chirpify has reinvented the impulse buy.”

So, what are you waiting for? Become a beer benefactor. It’s twist-off simple and safer than a designated driver!

Looking to build something cool on our API? Let us know what you want to build.

Hello World, It’s Chirpify!

Welcome to Chirpify! We’re excited about our launch, and overwhelmed by the coverage we’re receiving.

There is a ton to talk about with Twitter Commerce, but we’ll let the press do that for us!

We’ll be updating this post throughout the day. Enjoy…


Sell Simp.ly Rebrands As Chirpify; Launches New Twitter Commerce Platform For Brands

“When Chirpify merchants want to sell something, they just click the “List on Twitter” button when drafting a listing in their new eCommerce dashboards. Then, inbound sales info appears as an email or “as part of the retailer’s back-end system, or via a direct message on Twitter.””




Startup Lets You Buy and Sell Stuff on Twitter

“PowerBar fans, for instance, will see on the company’s Twitter feed this week that such transactions are possible, but if they want to buy something, they will have to register with Chirpify. Teso says that the appeal for brands will be obvious: “It’s a way to instantly monetize their followers.””




Chirpify Facilitates Scarily Seamless Twitter Payments

“The company built an open API that allows third parties to develop apps. The idea is that e-commerce companies like eBay, Etsy and Kickstarter can integrate Chirply into their sites as a way to easily extend their commerce offerings onto Twitter. The first developer to use the API is an ad agency which built an app for South by Southwest. The app allows users to buy their friend a drink at specific bars during the festival in Austin.”




Chirpify turns Twitter into a payment and commerce platform

“Brands are already tweeting about products but those are just broadcast ads trying to lure consumers from Twitter to a five-step checkout process,” said Chris Teso, founder of Chirpify. “We eliminate that and make commerce frictionless.”




Chirpify Does What Twitter Won’t Do: Allow You To Monetize Your Tweets

“Could this become the biggest competitor to Square and all the rest in the industry? Will Chirpify decide to disrupt the way payments are done and could they be the pioneer in finally breaking through in monetizing tweets on Twitter?”

– bub.blicio.us



Portland’s Chirpify turns Twitter into sales channel

“The big opportunity, Teso believes, comes in Chirpify’s ability to help brands sell products on Twitter.

Chirpify can be integrated into major e-commerce storefront software programs that allow merchants to simply click a button that says “list on Twitter.” Brands can host Twitter specific promotions.”

– The Portland Business Journal 



Buy, Sell, Donate And Transact On Twitter With Chirpify

“As for the businesses, Chirpify offers deep integration with existing e-commerce storefronts, including Magento, for back-end fulfillment, listing and transaction management. The image below (taken from the site) captures the details of a buyer who has replied to one of the sales tweet.”

– fastgush



Start-up Launches New Twitter Payment Platform

“Chirpify will let customers to buy from companies or organizations by tweeting at them; people can also use the platform to support a candidate or charity. As of now, PowerBar is the only brand that has started using the new platform, but Chris Teso, the founder and CEO of Chirpify, told Mashable he hopes other companies will follow in PowerBar’s footsteps.”

– inc.com



Chirpify Lets You Buy and Sell on Twitter

“So far, vendors have used Twitter as mostly a broadcast platform. Chirpify lets users add commerce into their Twitter streams, allowing anyone to purchase something off of a tweet, just by responding with “buy.””

– WebProNews



Twitter-friendly start-up Chirpify uses PayPal to compete with Facebook, shopping in 140 characters or less

“A lot of brands are selling on Facebook. Brands are tweeting left and right about their products. We can convert those tweets to sales. It’s a pretty easy sell,”

Toronto Star



Official Press Release – Launch

Chirpify Launches Twitter Commerce Brand Platform

Formerly known as Sell Simply, Chirpify Introduces Transactional Tweets for Brand Commerce, Direct Payments and Donations

PORTLAND, Oregon — February 15, 2012 — Chirpify, the easy way to exchange money via Twitter, today announced the launch of its Twitter Commerce platform, allowing brands and merchants to buy, sell, donate and transact on Twitter. Formerly known as Sell Simply, Chirpify enables direct, or person-to-person, payments and donations in addition to its retail sales platform.

For the first time ever, brands and retailers are able to use Twitter as a direct sales channel. By offering organizations a simple way to turn Tweets into transactions, Chirpify opens up a meaningful new channel that combines social marketing with commerce and offers an easy way for consumers to make purchases.

“Brands, retailers, politicians, celebrities and individuals have spent the past six years using Twitter to build communities and brand affinity, so why not allow them to sell on Twitter directly?” says Chris Teso, founder of Chirpify. “Customers don’t have to leave Twitter to make a purchase or donation. Chirpify removes the frictions of traditional e-commerce check-out processes.”

How it works:
Chirpify integrates directly with PayPal to offer secure transactions on Twitter. Purchases and donations are as simple as replying to a Tweet: “@favoritebrand Buy,“ or “@politician Donate,” for example.

Additionally, Chirpify offers deep integration with existing e-commerce storefronts, including Magento, for back-end fulfillment, listing and transaction management. To use Chirpify, merchants simply click the “list on Twitter” button when drafting an item listing for sale in their e-commerce dashboard. Inbound sales information appears as either an email or as part of the retailer’s back-end system, as well as via a DM on Twitter.

Because it works anywhere Twitter does, Chirpify is device agnostic, allowing any user on any mobile device, tablet or desktop computer to access Chirpify for seamless transactions.

“We identified Chirpify as solving a huge problem in the market: how to monetize social-media efforts,” says Greg Rau, founder and CEO at Upstart Labs. “Chris built an effective and elegant platform to deliver actual ROI based on revenue.  Chirpify offers individuals, companies, organizations—anyone—the ability to monetize their Tweets.”

Chirpify received seed funding from Portland-based incubator Upstart Labs, which invests in early-stage companies with a combination of capital and product-development support. Chirpify is one of the first ventures to receive seed funding from Upstart Labs, which launched its program last year.

About Chirpify
Chirpify (www.chirpify.com) is a seamless payment system for Twitter commerce. With full integration to PayPal, Chirpify enables businesses to buy, sell, donate and exchange funds on Twitter, turning Tweets into immediate transactions. Based in Portland, Oregon, the Chirpify platform is the first social commerce system to offer direct monetization through Twitter. To learn more about Chirpify and begin sending or receiving payments today, visit www.chirpify.com.

About Upstart Labs
Portland, OR-based startup accelerator Upstart Labs (www.upstartlabs.com) invests in early-stage technology companies with a combination of capital and product-development support. Upstart Labs focuses on developing new businesses, and providing emerging companies with support in design, development and go-to-market strategy.


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