Chirpify Expands Social Commerce Platform Beyond Twitter; Launches Instagram In-Stream Transactions

Invisible Children, Kat Graham, Kat Von D, KEEN, Meek Mill, Wale and Others Launching Chirpify Social Commerce Campaigns

Portland, Ore. – October 23, 2012 – Chirpify, the only platform for in-stream commerce on Twitter, today announced it is expanding its platform by enabling in-stream commerce on Instagram. The company also announced that Bogs Footwear, Fearless Records, creators of KONY 2012 Invisible Children, actress and singer Kat Graham, tattoo artist Kat Von D, KEEN Footwear, social impact digital communications agency Love Social, hip hop artists Meek Mill and Wale, and others will be launching their Chirpify social commerce campaigns on both Intstagram and Twitter in the coming days. You can find quotes from these Chirpify launch partners at the bottom of this press release.

Chirpify for Instagram is the only way that businesses and consumers can buy, sell, donate and exchange funds on and without ever leaving Instagram, turning comments into immediate in-stream transactions. 40 percent of the world’s most popular brands are on Intagram, and between Twitter and Instagram, there are about 250 million people and brands that can utilize Chirpify for in-store and online purchases, donations, exchanging funds and much more.

“Today Chirpify took another step to decentralize commerce and payments across all streams from any device, whether a mobile phone or desktop computer,” said Chirpify CEO Chris Teso. “If people can’t buy it in-stream it’s not social commerce. It’s advertising. We turn attention re-routing advertising into high value in-stream transactions. We’re the only company truly doing social commerce.”

How Chirpify for Instagram Works

Selling and fundraising with Chirpify on Instagram is easy. Sellers and fundraisers can create a listing directly from within the Instagram app. To sell within Instagram all they need to do is post a photo and set the initial comment to “#InstaSale $amount” and Chirpify will automatically create a listing that people can transact with by commenting back. Fundraisers can list requests for donations by setting the initial comment to ”#InstaFund $amount.” Chirpify will post back a comment on the photo that instructs followers how to purchase.

Consumers use Chirpify to securely connect their Instagram and PayPal accounts, and once linked, comment on an Instagram post to transact with “buy” or “donate.” Chirpify then sends a secure download or receipt via email.

To see a video of how Chirpify for Instagram works, go to

Quotes From Launch Partners

“Twitter and Instagram are key components of our social program, and Chirpify will make it easy to integrate promotions. We’re really looking forward to using Chirpify to merge our social and e-commerce efforts.”—Eric King, Marketing Coordinator at KEEN

“Solution based technology like Chirpify allows organizations and charities to eliminate barriers around donations to effectively reach their advocacy goals.”—Azita Ardakani, CEO of  

About Chirpify

Chirpify ( is a seamless payment system for social commerce. With full integration to PayPal, Chirpify enables businesses, politicians and non-profits to buy, sell, donate and exchange funds on and without ever leaving Twitter or Instagram, turning tweets and comments into immediate in-stream transactions. Based in Portland, Oregon, the Chirpify platform is the only social commerce system to offer direct monetization. The company also recently introduced its Chirpify Social Storefront, which enables people, companies, politicians and non-profits to sell items or raise money from any Web destination. To learn more about Chirpify and begin sending or receiving payments today, visit

Chirpify Round-Up

As usual, it’s been a bit crazy here at the Chirpify office. So we thought we’d give a little recap and forecast of what’s going on. First of all, we have a little cause of celebration for Waggener Edstrom and tenfour agency on their 2012 Digital PR award for Tweet-a-Beer. Tweet-a-beer debuted at SXSWi. They used our API to create a platform where you could buy a beer for a friend via Twitter. We’re extremely proud and excited that Waggener Edstrom and tenfour got the recognition for this and that we were able to provide the vehicle for it to come to fruition.

For you Seattleites out there, our CEO Chris Teso, will be speaking on a panel at TechNW tomorrow. The event is held at the Seattle Town Hall, we invite anyone who can go to check it out. To summarize the event, TechNW is a meeting of the brightest minds and most innovative technology companies in the Northwest. It is the region’s high profile, must-attend forum for learning, business development and strategic networking. By fostering intellectual and creative interaction among industry leaders, TechNW provides critical insights into the future of ever-evolving tech sectors, many that originated and continue to thrive in Washington State. We hope you Pacific Nw’ers can make it!

Our VP of Business Development- Music, Rory Felton, will also be speaking tomorrow at the Digital Music Forum in Los Angeles, where 300+ of the most influential music and digital media leaders gather in the heart of Hollywood to socialize, share ideas, do deals and learn about new technologies and services.

We’re just following the divide and conquer method. And on that note, we’ll get our noses back to the grindstone.

Portland Digital eXperience and Startup Crawl

There is no shortage of things to do in Portland this week. In conjunction with Musicfest Northwest, Rick Turozcy of Silicon Florist has created a tech event to emphasize the best of Portland’s Tech Scene. The adds the missing tech component to this huge music fest, and provides a platform that showcases all the startups and creative talent that we have to offer.

Later today (2:15 pm at Leftbank Annex to be exact), our CEO Chris Teso will be speaking about “The Technology of Money” at the Portland Digital eXperience. The chat will be followed by a panel to kick off the Startup Crawl- an excellent opportunity, to walk around, have a beer or two or three, and get to know some of your local startups in the area.

Back at the Chirpify office, we will have snacks, beer, and a very exciting surprise that we can’t wait to share with all of you tonight.

Yep- 6pm, beer, snacks and surprises. We hope to see you here!

The Chirpify API – Hackers Welcome

In the past couple of months, we’ve featured two of our API partners- Beeminder and Tweet-A-Beer. We like what they’ve built so much that we’ve now launched our API open to the public this week.

This is a great way to implement Chirpify listings and sales into your current eCommerce/fulfillment system, build a social donations app, or even build social payments into a customized campaign, much like Tweet-A-Beer for a brand that you’re working with. Our authentication, or sign up flow, can also be white labelled and embedded into your campaign.

The Chirpify API is based around REST. We’ll return JSON for your requests. We also use proper response codes indicating errors. If you have any feedback please let us know. We have both sandbox and production environments in which to develop, test and deploy your app.

Check out our v1.0 Documentation

By The Numbers: Fueled By Ramen & Amanda Palmer

We’ve been pretty busy over here at Chirpify lately- Amanda Palmer, Fueled By Ramen, and Blood on the Dance Floor all in the same week. The numbers have confirmed and validated our ideas about in-stream, social commerce vs. traditional social advertising.

Amanda Palmer decided to sell a shirt via Chirpify this week. 320 people replied “buy” in a 48 hour period of time, generating over $6,000 in potential revenue for her – all from one tweet. Her total conversion rate for the stretch of time was 4%. If you added the RTs, Favorites, and Replies together her engagement rate was well over 5%, or 4 times better than Twitter’s promoted products.

Fueled By Ramen launched a compilation giveaway last week. Over 1200 people replied “gimme” and after RTs, Favorites and Mentions they experience a whopping 6.6% engagement rate. One of the best numbers we saw with this campaign was that @fueledbyramen added 338 new people their first day of the campaign. Up until that point, they were averaging about 30 new followers per day.

All-in-all, we’ve exceeded our goals with these campaigns because they were truly social commerce: In-stream, conversational, frictioness.

If people can’t buy it in-stream on social networks it’s not social commerce. It’s advertising.

Feel free to check out infographics for both campaigns below!

Want to do your good deed for the day?

We are Twitter fiends here at Chirpify and today we saw that a Pennsylvania family lost their home after a semi-truck barreled through it.

The physical damage was bad, but the emotional and financial damage was even worse as the family was rendered homeless in the blink of an eye.

We’ve decided to help the Pfrogner family and Apothecary Soap Company raise some money to deal with urgent matters and bills that have come up from dealing with this nightmare situation. Their goal is $5000 over the next month.

If you ask us, that’s more than feasible. Let’s chirp in together to make this process a bit easier for the Pfrogner clan. You can donate by replying “donate” to the embedded Tweet below, or just click: donate

Here is coverage of the catastrophic damage via WPXI11 News

Going Beyond 140

As many of you know, Twitter rolled out a new feature called Twitter Cards, or Expanded Tweets. It’s a pretty cool way for users to be able to see content contained within a link posted within a tweet.

We at Chirpify thought this would be beneficial to our users, both sellers and buyers, so we’ve implemented Twitter cards into our listing Tweets.

Here’s what Twitter cards look like for Chirpify Listings in various places.


Twitter Card Chirpify

On iPhone

FueledByRamen iOS

On Chirpify


In order to make this new feature as beneficial to our users as possible, we’ve added a new field on the Chirpify Dashboard called “Extended Listing Content”. In this field, you can put any product-specific details that you want. The real benefit is that these details will not take up any of the 140 characters allotted per tweet. Another added benefit is that if anyone on Twitter shares your Chirpify link, the information will show up in a Twitter Card.

Take a record label for example. You want to launch a sampler of your artists, possibly a summer-themed compilation but can’t fit all of the artist information in the tweet. That’s a perfect opportunity to use Extended Listing Content, so that information will show up in Twitter Cards.

Fueled By Ramen (editors note: This label is pretty fun.) launched a “gimme” yesterday and did exactly that.

In addition to Extended Listing Content living within Twitter Cards, it also shows up, in-full, on the Chirpify Listing Landing Pages for your particular listing.


Soundscan Has Arrived

The musicians and labels that we’ve been working with over the past few months have been extremely helpful- providing feedback, suggesting new features, etc. One of the features most requested by our musical partners was the implementation of Soundscan.

After a couple months of conversations with Nielsen, back-end development work and a good amount of testing, we’re proud to announce that we have implemented Soundscan reporting for music sales on Chirpify.

The process is pretty simple. When you upload a digital piece of content on Chirpify, a few new text fields will pop up (see picture below).

In those fields, you just need to put the artist name (double check spelling as all information has to be the same as Soundscan’s documentation states). You also need to put the song/album title as it’s officially registered.

The last step, and most important (once again, double/triple/quadruple check the information), you need to input the ISRC or UPC number for the digital piece of content you are listing. Whether it’s a single or an entire album, Soundscan will work for both!

If you want more information on Chirpify and/or Soundscan implementation, email our VP of Music Development, Rory Felton

So there you have it- Chirpify + Soundscan for world domination! Enjoy and report.

Best Practices #2: Timeliness is Effectiveness

Every morning, I wake up and spend about 10 minutes in bed catching up on missed Tweets from my slumber-time. This isn’t an anomaly as many people spend the first few minutes each morning catching up on content before their day begins.

That said, each of your users are different. Some people check Twitter most during the morning and night hours. Others indulge during lunch. Whatever the time is, it’s beneficial for you as a brand, artist, musician, record label and/or merchant to know your audience’s tendencies the most.

For example, there are more tweets sent out on Wednesday and Thursday than any other day of the week. To add another layer, high tweet traffic times range from 10am EST to 10pm EST, which is a pretty big stretch of time. Regardless, this points us to our best practice for today.

Investigate, research and get to know your following on Twitter. If you post a Tweet at 9am and get no responses, but post the same tweet at 2PM and get 10 retweets and a few mentions, it might be beneficial for you to take note.

Once you start seeing trends amongst your users and tweets, schedule your Chirpify listings around those times and your returns will increase exponentially along with your engagement on Twitter.

Feature Update: Umbrella Accounts

Welcome to PortlandChirpifyHQ is located in the lovely town of Portland, Oregon. As many of you know, it’s a rainy place, so the conversation of umbrellas can come up from time to time. This conversation considers a different type of umbrellas.

We’ve recently built a new feature called Umbrella Accounts to help expand our service for those using it.

What is an umbrella account?

Simply put, an umbrella account is the ability for one entity to manage multiple entities underneath it. Take a record label for example.

You might manage tens or even hundreds of artists. This includes everything from music distribution to merchandise relationships. The most common format or monetary management is that when a band makes a sale, whether it be merchandise or digital content, the money is deposited into the label’s bank account (Note: This is VERY general and very simplified). After this deposit takes place, the label takes their cut and distributes the other relevant cuts (i.e. pays the band, the band’s crew, the distributer fees, etc.)

Umbrella accounts will simplify label-to-band relationships, so they’re not cluttered with new processes. The bands each have their own Chirpify accounts, but it is linked to the Label. So, the current flow of business doesn’t need to change in order to implement Chirpify for selling content online!

Who else is a relevant user for umbrella accounts?

Music is one of the primary uses of umbrella accounts. Marketing and Advertising agencies also need the ability to manage multiple entities. There are also companies that include niche-based-subsidiaries, like Gilt Groupe, that would benefit from umbrella accounts.

How will this change your experience?

If you’re a label, it will streamline your sign-up process, as well as your initiation of listings on Chirpify.
If you’re an agency, you can manage multiple brands under your account.
If you’re merely a Chirpify user, your experience will stay the same!

I want an umbrella account, what do I do?

Umbrella accounts are by request only at this time, so Contact Us!