Best Practices #2: Timeliness is Effectiveness

Every morning, I wake up and spend about 10 minutes in bed catching up on missed Tweets from my slumber-time. This isn’t an anomaly as many people spend the first few minutes each morning catching up on content before their day begins.

That said, each of your users are different. Some people check Twitter most during the morning and night hours. Others indulge during lunch. Whatever the time is, it’s beneficial for you as a brand, artist, musician, record label and/or merchant to know your audience’s tendencies the most.

For example, there are more tweets sent out on Wednesday and Thursday than any other day of the week. To add another layer, high tweet traffic times range from 10am EST to 10pm EST, which is a pretty big stretch of time. Regardless, this points us to our best practice for today.

Investigate, research and get to know your following on Twitter. If you post a Tweet at 9am and get no responses, but post the same tweet at 2PM and get 10 retweets and a few mentions, it might be beneficial for you to take note.

Once you start seeing trends amongst your users and tweets, schedule your Chirpify listings around those times and your returns will increase exponentially along with your engagement on Twitter.

  • Herbert